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Welcome to Tokyo! Among the many fast-food imports from the US to Tokyo is Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is quite a strange sight to see the Colonel and the traditional KFC decor in the middle of Tokyo.

This is one of many ISDN phone booths I saw on the streets of central Tokyo. You'll notice there are two antennas coming out of the top of the phone booth, which indicates it connects to the network via a wireless connection. I find it ironic that many Americans still have difficulty getting an ISDN line installed in their homes, yet I can walk down a Tokyo street and find ISDN access in a phone booth.

Prof. Wendy Spinks of Josai International University, chair of the Fourth International Telework Workshop, opens the workshop in Tokyo on September 1.

The workshop participants enjoy some outstanding Japanese food - and drink, of course - at a nearby restaurant after the first day of the workshop. We learned that our ability to manipulate chopsticks varied in direct proportion to the number of bottles of beer and sake on the table. Victor dePous (l) and Paul Jackson (r) are shown here demonstrating their familiarity with the local cuisine.

This was the view from my window in the Keio Plaza Hotel, near Shinjuku Station. It gives you an idea of the incredible density of central Tokyo. The saying is that "you're never alone in Tokyo" - and that's very true.
On my last morning in Tokyo I walked through the Shinjuku Imperial Gardens, a spectacular oasis in the middle of Tokyo. There were postcard scenes around every corner; here are two of my favorite views.
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