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Technology and Equipment FAQ
1. My employer says that if I want to telecommute I have to buy my own PC. Should I get a desktop PC or a laptop?

2. Since I really rely on faxes, what about a fax machine at home?

3. Does it cost a lot of money to equip a telecommuter?

4. How feasible is it to set up telecommuting in a call center?

5. How do we decide what systems or networks our telecommuters need access to?

6. What's the current thinking about the role of the Internet for telecommuting?

7. What's the role of ISDN in telecommuting?

8. Can we use "cable modems" for telecommuting?

9. How useful is videoconferencing for telecommuting?

10.What role will DSL technology play in telecommuting?

11. Does it make sense to use laptops for all telecommuters?

12. What's the current status of cable modem and DSL availability?

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