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Selection of Jobs FAQ
1. I really want to start telecommuting. Any tips for convincing my manager to let me begin?

2. How does the employer deal with the fact that some people can telecommute and others just can't?

3. My boss is pressuring me to let some of my people telecommute, but I don't like the idea. What should I do?

4. As the manager can't I just select the people I want to telecommute, and tell the others they just don't qualify?

5. If my manager telecommutes, will he/she be more likely to let me do it also?

6. What are the characteristics of a good telecommuter?

7. Why can't we just let people decide for themselves whether or not they will telecommute?

8. Should an employee be in his/her job for any minimum time before starting to telecommute?

9. Is it feasible for managers themselves to be telecommuters?

10. What kinds of supervisory jobs are suited for telecommuting?

11. How do you decide what jobs are best for telecommuting?

12. How long do people telecommute - is this a "forever" arrangement?

13. Why do I still hear the Federal Trip-Reduction rules still mentioned?

14. Will telecommuting make it harder for someone to be promoted?

15. What are the disadvantages of making telecommuting mandatory?

16. I was bypassed for a promotion because I'm telecommuting. Is this standard?

17. We have an existing telecommuting program for our IT employees. Can we extend this to our IT contractors who work in our offices?

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