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Selection of Jobs FAQ
How do you decide what jobs are best for telecommuting?

It depends on a combination of the nature of the tasks involved and the technology. Jobs that are information-based jobs with a minimum amount of unpredictable face-to-face contact required are good prospects. Also, look for jobs that are physically portable - that is, whatever the telecommuter needs to do the job can be taken home in a briefcase or box, or can be accessed via phone line.

Keep in mind that since most telecommuters work out of the office one to three days a week on average, the entire job need not be suited to telecommuting. That is, if there is only one to three days worth of work per week in the job that is suited to telecommuting, that's good enough. It's rare, in fact, that information-based jobs (especially at the professional/technical level) are fully suited to telecommuting, i.e., can be done away from the office five days a week.

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