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As the manager can't I just select the people I want to telecommute, and tell the others they just don't qualify?

While this seems to be a simpler approach, it sometimes can cause more problems than it solves. Managers often do, in fact, know who the best telecommuters would be based on their work histories. But if you don't at least make the entire department aware of this option - while reminding them that their willingness to telecommute alone isn't enough to get them into it - you risk a lot of resentment.

Employees want to have choices, or at least know that choices are available in general even if everyone can't get what he or she wants. Also, there are many other factors in determining who makes a good telecommuter beyond work habits and skills seen by the manager. Personal preference, suitability of the home as a work site, and dependent care situations are just some of the factors that potential telecommuters need to consider.

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