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I really want to start telecommuting. Any tips for convincing my manager to let me begin?

Give these a try:

Can you do better-quality work while telecommuting, or are you more likely to meet tight deadlines? Stress those benefits to your manager who, like most, is probably struggling to "do more with less" these days.

Instead of "convincing", try to gently question the reluctant manager about why he or she won't let you give it a try. You might find the manager's reluctance is based on misinformation about what telecommuting is and how it works.

Do your homework and come up with some examples of other employees who are successfully telecommuting in your organization (yes, they're there even if you don't have a formal program). Tell your manager about them and encourage him/her to speak with the manager of those telecommuters to get some insights into how it's working. Your manager might be more receptive to what that other manager has to say.

Try to get your manager to let you telecommute one day a week for a month- that four-day trial is pretty much risk-free.

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