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A topic related to real estate is "suburban sprawl" and you can find resources on this site. In addition to these resources, you can download an article from TELECOMMUTING REVIEW on the topic of sprawl. There is also a Suburban Sprawl section in our Amazon booklist.

This section includes Real Estate and Virtual Office TIPS - Tools, Information and Providers - as follows:

RE/VO Tools (software and other products specifically related to RE/VO applications) (You can also find related products in the Virtual Office Support section of the Products and Services section of this site.)

RE/VO Information (articles, Web sites, and publications specifically about RE/VO topics)

RE/VO Providers (consultants, design firms, architecture firms, and other professional-service providers for RE/VO services).

You will find all other links about equipment, software, publications, etc. in the Products and Services section of this site.

These are related books:
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The Virtual Office Survival Handbook: What Telecommuters and Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed in Today's Nontraditional Workplace
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