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Facilities and Office Design FAQ
1. What's the connection between telecommuting and office design?

2. Are telecommuting and "the virtual office" the same thing?

3. If telecommuters are only out of the office 1-2 days a week, where do the office space savings come from?

4. Do any employers provide furniture - or home-office design services - for their telecommuters at home?

5. What facilities should an employer provide for telecommuters when they are in the office?

6. I don't believe that telecommuters who come into the office one to three days a week will be happy using some kind of shared space or "hoteling" arrangement. Won't they feel like second-class citizens?

7. If telecommuting keeps growing, and everyone starts using all the mobile technology, aren't offices going to disappear entirely?

8. What's happening with satellite offices and telework centers?

9.What is the commercial viability of urban community telecenters for long term unemployed?

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