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I don't believe that telecommuters who come into the office one to three days a week will be happy using some kind of shared space or "hoteling" arrangement. Won't they feel like second-class citizens?

Experience has shown that telecommuters who have a properly-designed and equipped work area and resources at home generally don't miss having their own personalized space in the main office. Assuming they'll be telecommuting from two to four days a week, their home office tends to become the focal point of their work - and that's where they have their files, the pictures of the family members, the little personal knick-knacks, and so on.

Also, if the telecommuting has been arranged correctly, their time in the main office will be spent primarily on the interactive or group tasks (e.g., meetings, reviews, client visits) that often take place somewhere else other than their own work area. Most telecommuters simply don't spend full days in the office doing "heads-down" desk work that can be done as well or better at home.

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