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Financial Issues of Telecommuting FAQ
I just took a new job and my company requires me to work from a home office. I'm living in a very expensive area, and a larger apartment puts me under a lot of financial pressure. Can't I get paid for the added expense?

You're asking whether telecommuters who need larger apartments or homes than otherwise (so they can accommodate a suitable home office area) should be reimbursed by the employer. Companies generally don't pay the cost difference between a smaller and larger apartment to accommodate a home office. You'd think it would make sense to do so, but the fact is that getting into that kind of subsidy for personal living space can be pretty complicated - for tax, administrative, and other reasons.

Your best, and perhaps only, recourse is to concentrate on doing a very good job (which you probably are) so that you have some leverage in 3-4 months to go to the boss and try to negotiate for something to cushion these expenses. It may be a one-time stipend, may be an off-cycle raise, or whatever - but at least try for something.

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