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1. I'm a manager interested in telecommuting but I'm pretty uncomfortable with trying to manage at a distance. What can I do?

2. How does telecommuting affect the performance appraisal process?

3. What should I do with a telecommuter whose performance is slipping?

4. I have a feeling my telecommuter - who is a terrific employee - might be working for another company using our equipment. What should I do?

5. Can I visit my telecommuters in their home offices?

6. How often should mobile employees or telecommuters be expected to check their e-mail?

7. How do we deal with training for new employees when the telecommuters have to do the training?

8. How can I convince my manager to let me move to another city yet still keep my job managing my staff?

9. Is there a way for a manager to monitor an employee while he or she is telecommuting?

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