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I'm a manager interested in telecommuting but I'm pretty uncomfortable with trying to manage at a distance. What can I do?

Think about the reasons for your discomfort. In most cases, it's because you're concerned about the fact that telecommuting might work for some employees but not others, or that you're not sure how you'll know what people are doing when working away from the office. Keep in mind that telecommuting is not for everyone, and certainly not for your staff who are not meeting expectations in the office.

As for managing at a distance, it's really no different from managing in the office. That is, good managers set expectations, monitor progress, give feedback, and do all the other basic managerial tasks for employees no matter where they work.

A side benefit for managers of telecommuters is that they often find they have more time for their own work now that they are spending less time in direct supervision of telecommuters. This is a big advantage in today's lean, flat organizations.

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