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1. My spouse will be at home when I'll be telecommuting - is this a good idea?

2. If I telecommute, my spouse (who works at home) and I will share an office - is this a good idea?

3. How can telecommuters avoid feeling isolated?

4. When the office is just down the hallway at home, how do you avoid becoming a "workaholic"?

5. I've heard about people gaining weight when they work at home - is that really true?

6. There's a lot of discussion about the potential problems of working at home. I thought that people want to work because they enjoyed it. Isn't that really true?

7. How can telecommuting be used for dependent care?

8. I've been telecommuting successfully for several years, and just had my first child. My employer insists I put my baby in day care or hire a nanny. I don't feel my employer has the right to tell me how to care for my baby. What should I do?

9.How about telecommuting when the dependents are teenagers, not small children?

10. My dog barks sometimes when I'm on the phone with clients - is this a problem?

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