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My spouse will be at home when I'll be telecommuting - is this a good idea?

It depends on what's going on between you and your spouse or significant other. In some relationships, having more time together is a plus; in others, it isn't. It also depends on how well the two of you can define and agree on boundaries and roles when you're telecommuting. If your spouse expects that you'll be available to play tennis, go shopping, or do housework because you're "home", that could be a problem.

In many relationships, telecommuting is a real benefit because it gives the couple just a bit more time together than normally is available in today's busy households. It can be something as simple as a chance to have breakfast or lunch together, or take an afternoon break and go for a walk together - or take an afternoon break and do other things together.

It's best for you and your partner to discuss what's likely to happen when the two of you spend more time during the day at home. As with all else about telecommuting, a little time invested at the outset can head off a lot of problems later.

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