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You can also find related products in the Collaboration Software and Virtual Office Support categories of the Products and Services section of this site.

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AgilQuest, formerly V Technologies, develops software for administering hoteling and virtual office programs, including allocation of space, telephones, and other resources.

Desk/Flex from Professional Resource Management is a software product that helps with the administration of hoteling facilities, including space reservation, telephone connections, and more.

Facility Innovations offers "Time and Place" Windows-based software for scheduling office space in hoteling and similar arrangements.

Symbian is a joint venture among Ericsson, Nokia and Psion to "drive the convergence of mobile computing and wireless technology, enabling Internet access, messaging, information access, all within a device which fits in a shirt pocket."

Telephone Rings, Onion Rings, and Other Annoying Things: Getting Along in Shared Offices and Cubicles Without Tearing Out Your Hair.

It's everything you need to deal with everything that can, and often does, create problems in the office without walls or in hoteling and other situations where more than one person uses the same work area. Here's an outline of what's in this attractive 8-page guide - packed with all the tips and tricks to help your employees get along in today's office setting:

1. Introduction
2. How Did We Arrive at This Point?
3. The "Big Five" Problems to Avoid
4. Acknowledging the Things You Can't Change About Shared Offices
5. Escape Valves: Coping and Problem-Solving Strategies

I've developed the guide as a convenient PDF document, complete with attractive design, graphics, and formatting, so it's ready to use with no additional design time required. However, you can add your own customized cover letter, logo, and any other introductory material you want. You'll receive the document file ready to be customized - or I can have it done for you.

Once you purchase the guide, you can use it however you want, customized or edited as you like, and distribute it as widely and in whatever form you like at no additional charge. The only exceptions are that you can't give it away or sell it to any other organization, and you must agree to distribute any internal electronic versions in read-only, no-print format. I'll provide more details about all this upon request.

The complete guide is available for your review as a read-only, no-print PDF file. This is the full guide exactly as you would receive it for your own use - minus the "SAMPLE" overlay that appears on each page. Just call me (732-329-2266) or email me gil@gilgordon.com and I'll send you the sample version to review, and then we can discuss the attractive pricing and terms.

P.S. Remember: the cubicle wars about who's stealing whose paper clips and whose radio is too loud can and should be avoided. There's no reason to let today's shared offices deteriorate into a battle zone full of employee relations problems and distractions that plague productivity. This guide is a simple, cost-effective way to prevent these problems and make sure everyone can concentrate on getting their work done.

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