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(Note: You'll find additional information about temporary office space, telework centers, "cyber-cafes" and other mobile-work sites and resources in the Mobile Access Directory section.)

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Real Estate/Virtual Office Tools
Airwave is building "a high-speed wireless network that enables people to use the Internet and communicate with each other when they are away from their office or home."

Axcelerant "will do everything needed to design, deploy, manage, and support your broadband VPN." The firm provides national service for firms with mobile or remote workers, and arranges broadband access via DSL, cable, satellite or wireless.

CommNet International offers its "Virtual Seat Management" program described as "a suite of tools and services that provides a Total Lifecycle Management solution for portable, mobile, and remote computers."

The Cube Guy is a site devoted to making life in the cubicle more enjoyable and tolerable. It includes a "Cubicle Survival Kit" among other resources.

E-comm developed and markets the "c-pod," a self-contained office unit with climate control, security features, and more.

FAMIS markets software for corporate facilities management, including space inventories and allocations.

HDB/Cram & Ferguson, Inc. is a Boston-based architecture and design firm with experience in virtual office projects, including the MCI WorldCom "Rally Centers".

HOK is a design and architecture firm active in design of alternative office work environments.

iGo Products offers a diverse line of computing and communications products for mobile workers and "road warriors."

ISG, "The Occupancy Business", is a UK-based facilities design and management firm.

Kinetic Workplace Consulting Group helps companies "develop new workplace strategies by integrating the disciplines of Human Resources Training & Development, Information and Communication Technology and Corporate Real Estate/Facilities Management & Design."

King Products designs and manufactures public-access Internet kiosks.

Mihalovich Partners provides information about the corporate real estate market in San Francisco and elsewhere, as well as a collection of guest columns on real estate topics.

NetAge is a consulting firm that "brings virtual teams together, launches networks, and spreads the word about virtual work."

Pontarelli Transportation, a Chicago-based transportation company, offers the "LandJet" mobile office, a specially-designed van with rather luxurious furnishings and full office capabilities.

Rayner & Associates provides training for virtual teams in the form of a 2-3 day training program. Topics include building rapport, clarifying team charter and operating methods, and more. The firm also has several articles available on teams and a "team development pathway" on its site.

TeleAdapt sells a variety of products and services for mobile computing users.

USA Technology is a provider of Public PCs, placed in various public locations and activated by credit cards.

"7 Porticos", located near Austin, TX, is a new housing development intended to reflect the "New Urbanist" features that minimize driving and allow for home-based employment and occupations.

Veldhoen & Co. is a Dutch design firm specializing in alternative office designs.

Virtual Connection provides consulting and training services for client organizations implementing virtual work practices.

VirtualTeams.com is a consultancy dealing with virtual teaming topics; their web site includes many resources and links on this topic.

The Virtual Office Group is a London-based firm that provides virtual office consulting as well as various administrative services and a drop-in work center in central London.

Workstage (tm) "helps employers attract and inspire talented employees by offering them the world's most user-centered work environments at competitive lease rates in new and renovated office buildings and by delivering these work environments with unprecedented speed and ease." The company is a partnership between Gale & Wentworth, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds, and Steelcase Inc.

WorldCom's site includes an "e-meetings" guide that describes the company's various conferencing services and tools, and also includes some useful resources such as a "Meeting Planning Tools" section and a white paper titled "Meetings in America: A Study of the Virtual Workforce in 2001."
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