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Co-workers and Clients FAQ
1. How can I make sure that my telecommuting schedule doesn't cause problems for my co-workers and clients?

2. Some of my co-workers seem to resent the fact that I'm telecommuting - what can I do?

3. My co-workers and clients are reluctant to call me when I'm telecommuting - they don't want to call me "at home." What can I do?

4. My co-workers and clients page me or call me at home in the evening and sometimes on weekends - it's getting very annoying. What can I do?

5. My co-workers seem clueless about what I actually do when I'm telecommuting. What can I do to show them I'm not sitting around watching TV all day?

6. Four of us in my department are working on a big presentation. We've known each other and get along fine, but the other three are doing most of the work when they meet in the office. I'm the only telecommuter and I feel like I'm left out. What can I do?

7. I'm a single woman; my manager assigned me to work with a man I'm uncomfortable being alone with. It was suggested that we spend a day or two working at my home office, so we can concentrate on this project. What should I do?

8. How does telecommuting relate to office politics?

9. Don't telecommuters place a big burden on support staff in the office?

10. Will "meeting-free" days help telecommuters be away from the office without missing important meetings?

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