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Co-workers and Clients FAQ
My co-workers and clients page me or call me at home in the evening and sometimes on weekends - it's getting very annoying. What can I do?

This is the opposite problem, and unfortunately it seems to be growing. We've made it so easy to get in touch with people - and everyone seems to be under so much pressure - that it's hard to maintain a separation between work and personal time.

How you handle this depends on who is calling, how urgent it is, and what options are available to you. Obviously, if your boss's boss calls with an important question in the evening, you're going to be more likely to respond than if the call is less important. Two points to remember, no matter who calls or pages you: each time that you answer that call or page and provide what is requested, you are reinforcing the caller for cutting into your private time. If you don't express your dissatisfaction with those late calls, the caller will assume that they really don't bother you. Second, if you do choose to let the person know that you'd like them to stop, please do it assertively but not aggressively. You can clearly state your case without getting into an argument, accusing them, or otherwise creating more problems than you're going to solve.

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