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Co-workers and Clients FAQ
Some of my co-workers seem to resent the fact that I'm telecommuting - what can I do?

It depends why they are resentful - and how serious they are about it. Sometimes, there's good-natured kidding of the telecommuters when they come into the office, and that's generally not a problem. But if the kidding isn't so good-natured, and if it becomes sarcastic and spiteful, that's a problem. It can be especially tough if the resentment also leads to lack of cooperation and support.

You need to determine - perhaps with your manager's help - what's the cause of the resentment. One frequent problem is that the office workers end up with more work and more interruptions when the telecommuters are out of the office. If that's the case, they deserve to be resentful because the telecommuting arrangement wasn't planned properly.

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