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Co-workers and Clients FAQ
How can I make sure that my telecommuting schedule doesn't cause problems for my co-workers and clients?

First, sit down and figure out what kind of contacts and workflow exist between you and them - what information or help do they need from you, what questions do they expect you to answer, and so on. Then, determine the best way to continue providing that support even at a distance; for example, offer to substitute phone, fax, or e-mail support for face-to-face access. Be sure that inquiries from clients or customers don't land on your co-workers who aren't telecommuting, or else they will become resentful.

Most important, take the initiative to reach out to those co-workers or customers to let them know your telecommuting schedule and what you'll be doing to continue to provide support to them. If you can assure them that you won't be abandoning them just because you're working out of the office for part of the time, they won't become resentful.

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