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1. What's the difference between "telecommuting" and "telework"?

2. What are the trends in telecommuting growth?

3. How does telecommuting fit in with other forms of workplace flexibility?

4. I keep hearing about big productivity gains for telecommuters - is this true?

5. Our management seems dead-set against telecommuting; where can I get facts to convince them?

6. My organization really emphasizes teamwork - doesn't telecommuting interfere with it?

7. It seems like telecommuting is limited to big companies - is that true?

8. Why do I still hear the Federal Trip-Reduction rules still mentioned

9. Is telecommuting still being used primarily to reduce traffic congestion?

10. What about the security or confidentiality concerns for telecommuting?

11. Aren't there big liability risks for the employer?

12. Any insights on OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and worker's compensation issues?

13. When can unions use the employer's e-mail to communicate with on-site or off-site workers?

14. Is telecommuting feasible for non-exempt employees paid hourly?

15. What's the right number of days per week to telecommute?

16. But what if my work varies a lot from week to week?

17. Don't telecommuters get dead-ended in their careers?

18. How should we handle - and prevent - injury claims for telecommuters carrying laptops?

19. Is it a problem if telecommuters run a sideline business at home?

20. Can an employee become a "long-distance" telecommuter, e.g., if the office is a few states away from the telecommuter's home?

21. What are your 1, 5 and 10 year projections for telecommuting?

22.My supervisor says it would be cheaper/easier to hire a freelancer than to let me telecommute - is this true?

23.I keep hearing all the positives - what are the negatives about telecommuting?

24.What level of participation might we expect in a pilot program?

25. How common is it for field sales reps to be promoted to a marketing position but not relocating?

New26. If a telecommuter relocates, who pays for new phone line installation, etc.?

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