...Farewell from Rick Johnson

Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 04:14:00 -0800
To: perspectives@class.orednet.org
From: Rick Johnson
Subject: Suspended: rick johnson's ..new telecommuting perspectives
..new telecommuting perspectives
I'm suspending this newsletter and my efforts to promote telecommuting.
Earlier this week, when I brought Kate her morning coffee in bed here
at Venice Ranch, we talked of many things: family, friends, finances,
and focus. Kate and I have been together for 30 years, and we have
much love and admiration for each other. That's kept us going all
this time, as we raised six children and tried to do good things
with our lives.
I've decided in the interest of my family that it's best I suspend my
campaign to promote the safety and health benefits of telecommuting.
It's time I focused instead on reducing our personal expenses. We've
taken on a lot of debt over the last two years while I tried to deliver
my message to employees, employers, and political leaders throughout
the world. Kate and I agree that two years working full time on this
effort without pay is enough.
Please accept my apologies. I would've liked to continue. I'm still
hopeful that someone, somewhere will pick up where I've left off.
I thank the many people who have listened to my ideas. To concerned
political leaders, such as Alaska Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer, Minnesota Gov.
Jesse Ventura, California State Senators John Vasconcellos and Liz
Figueroa, and Oregon State Rep. Tom Butler, you've demonstrated principle
above politics. To previous colleagues at Los Alamos National Lab and at
other research facilities around the world, thanks for your understanding
and support. To my "mentors," particularly Jack Nilles, David Fleming,
Gil Gordon, Kathy King, Wendell Joice, Rick Tobin, Harriet West, June
Langhoff, and Andy Lake, I owe a lot. To my staff, especially Manjusree
Sen, your help will always be remembered. And most importantly to my
family, thanks for caring. You've all been good listeners. You've all
made me realize that our future will bring new hope and the promise of
a better world. Respectfully, -Rick
Rick Johnson, Founder
Telecommuting Safety & Health Benefits Institute
HC73-953 Buchanan Rd, Burns, OR 97720
"Saving lives and improving health through telecommuting..."
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