Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 11:07:25 -1000
To: Rick Johnson <>
From: Brenda Howard <>
Subject: The Best of the Net
Hi Rick,
[snip] ...I've awarded your site as The Best of the Net for the Month of
February, 1998. Congratulations.
I can honestly say that I've not seen anyone do so much in so little time
to increase the awareness of telecommuting and the benefits it provides in
terms of safety and taking care of the workers of America. You've done an
excellent job.
I've attached the graphic image to use with the award. The link should be:
If you do not receive the graphic or if you have any questions about the
Best of the Net, don't hesitate to ask.
Again, Congratulations and keep up the wonderful work. :-)
Brenda G. Howard
The Best of the Net for Telecommuting