The Telecommuting Safety & Health Benefits Institute (TSHBI) was founded by Rick Johnson on September 7, 1997 to promote a new perspective about telecommuting:
"Employers everywhere need to encourage
more telecommuting in order to save lives,
prevent injuries, and improve the health of
their employees and the general public."
Today, whenever funding is available, TSHBI examines safety and health benefits of telecommuting and shares knowledge gained with people who might be helped by those benefits, as well as the employers and government officials responsible for ensuring safety and health for workers and the general public.
Some of what others have written about TSHBI:
If you would like to support Rick's cause, you may send a donation to:
Rick Johnson, TSHBI
HC73 - 953 Buchanan Rd
Burns, Oregon 97720, USA
"I'll appreciate your contribution. You'll also help the men, women, and children who are neither killed nor injured, and consequently live much healthier lives, simply because you took a few moments to provide a helping hand." -Rick
Rick Johnson, TSHBI Founder

Last revised: February 27, 2000
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