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This section lists additional telecommuting and telework-related resources by region and country. The following countries comprise the United Kingdom section: Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales.

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If you know of additional activity in a particular region or country, please e-mail us so we can add it to this section.

How To Use This Map

We have listed the resources for this region below. If we have specific resources listed for the individual countries shown on the map, you can find those listings by simply moving your cursor over the map. When you see your cursor change to a pointing finger, that indicates we have individual listings - and you can just click on that country to go to that listing. Otherwise, the information available below applies to the country in general.

The Advisory Committee on Telecommunications has been established by the Irish Minister for Public Enterprise. Its goal is to "promote national economic and social prosperity through Ireland becoming a world leader in the information and communications era." This goal is consistent with many of the activities undertaken by the Irish Development Authority over the years to create high-tech jobs in Ireland, such as remote programming or call-center work, performed for international clients.

A "Code of Practice" for telework implementation in Ireland is available as a PDF file download. According to Imogen Bertin, "Codes of Practice are used in Ireland in a number of areas of industrial relations - they don't have the force of law but if a dispute goes to the labour court they can be referred to. This one sets out exactly what law currently applies to teleworkers and gives guidelines on how companies can put together a teleworking policy and draft an agreement with an employee for teleworking."

Cork Teleworking Centre. Email: Imogen Bertin.

E-work is a site established by the development agency Enterprise Ireland to encourage Irish businesses to consider teleworking. "It features directories of e-work hardware, software and training providers, a Guide to e-work, a knowledge base, video clips of teleworking practitioners and a joint venture with recruitment agency Marlborough to tag jobs suitable for e-work."

KITE Telecottage, County Fermanagh. Email Sheila McCaffrey.

Telework Ireland is the association of teleworkers and the voice of professional teleworking in Ireland. Its membership includes individual teleworkers or telecontractors, telecommuters, telecottages and corporations. The organization's site includes a 1998 report from the National Advisory Council on Teleworking relating to how flexible working could be embraced in terms of national competitive advantage, and a code of practice.

Highland Teleworking Centre - for information, send email.

Highland Telematics is a management company for over 200 teleworkers located throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

The Analytica consultancy, headed by Ursula Huws, provides a range of telework-related research reports and services.

Andrew Bibby's telework site includes a summary of his writings on the topic, especially as it relates to telework activity in the UK.

The EQUAL Telework Project "provides background information and details of work for people who want to work from home. The information is mainly for people with disabilities and careers in the Leeds area as part of the Leeds EQUAL ESF (European Social Fund) supported project."

Home Office Partnership, a consultancy, has its "Flexibility" site available, which includes information about telework and other forms of flexible work arrangements.

NDEVA- is an organization in North Devon that promotes the services of teleworkers, and also provides information resources for them and others interested in telework.

"Review of Teleworking in Britain: Issues for Public Policy" is the title of a report available from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. For price and ordering information send email.

Telework Associationis "Europe's largest organisation dedicated to the promotion of teleworking. TCA members are mainly based in the UK, though the Association has members throughout Europe and the world."
The Telework Association offers the Teleworking Handbook, the most comprehensive book on the subject covering the UK and Europe. The second edition, extensively updated and reviewed was released in March 1998 and includes reference information, contact details, and Web references. Subjects covered range from individual to corporate issues, as well as telecentres, equipment, training, contracts and disability. (The Teleworking Handbook / ISBN 0-9528492-1-6 / Price UK 21.95 including postage).

The UK Department of Trade and Industry published "definitive guidance" on telework implementation in the fall of 2003; the document reflects a collaboration among DTI and key labor unions in the UK.

RuralNet, a project of the National Rural Enterprise Centre (NREC), is Warwickshire's first telecottage. This site outlines RuralNet's activites and provides an excellent description of the UK telecenter model which mixes community and commercial objectives.

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