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Thesis Corner and Bibliographies
This section is reporting on work in progress on telework-related theses and student projects. If you know of any related academic work, please contact us.

These research-related titles may be of interest to you:
Telecommuters, the Workforce of the Twenty-First Century: An Annotated Bibliography

Telecommuting: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography
Thesis Corner
Reporting on work in progress on telework-related theses and student projects.

Sharon Borowicz is working on her Ph.D. dissertation which deals with the manager-telecommuter relationship and the role of trust in that relationship, and the ways managers ensure that telecommuters remain focused, motivated, and adequately empowered to do their jobs effectively. She invites telecommuters and their managers to complete a ten-minute online survey as part of this research. Managers of telecommuters can take this survey while telecommuters can take this survey.

Marco Diana is a civil engineering graduate student at Turin Polytechnic Transportation Department in Italy. He is working on a thesis dealing with telework and its effects on transportation systems, particularly concerning travel demand.

Debra Kalensky is a doctoral student working on her dissertation which involves telecommuting and work/life balance. She has developed a survey to measure relevant variables in the telecommuter and work/life balance relationship. Tjobs.com is currently hosting this survey which is available here. Individuals who participate in the survey are provided with a free $20.00 professional telecommuter personality profile by Fitability.com as well as the final report which will illustrate those attributes and situational variables which are related to the successful telecommuter.

Marcus Katz at the University of Central Lancashire (UK) has completed an analysis of cost-benefits during the implementation of a flexible working program in a global manufacturing company. This is Masters Thesis as well as a practical proposal within the company. Please contact him if you'd like to discuss.

Seunghae Lee is a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University and is doing research on "Organizational commitment and job satisfaction: the effect of alternative officing strategies on teleworkers' organizational behavior." She invites teleworkers to complete her survey.

Robert Lewis is a graduate student studying in France, and has written a short essay titled "The Future of Distance Work in the European Union."

Robert A. Lewis is a Ph.D. student at the University of Westminster, Diplomatic Academy of London. His current research focuses on teleworking and its impact on employees, employers, and society. His research interests include the motivational theory behind teleworkers and human resource management's role in the teleworking environment. The main thrust of his Ph.D. research is the investigation of telework's future effects on the workplace and society at large. Please contact him for more details or for a copy of his research proposal (approx. 50 pages), which concentrates on the United Kingdom, continental Europe and the United States.

Scott Lewis is a final-year student at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education in England, and is undertaking a research project into 'Why do small businesses (e.g.1-10 employees) use teleworking?". He is looking for individuals who fit that description and are willing to complete a brief questionnare.

Bill Morgenstern is writing his dissertation on the differentiation of the skill set of managers of telecommuting employees versus those of managers in a traditional office environment. He has designed a short questionnaire for managers and telecommuters and is looking for telecommuters and managers to fill it out. The questionnaire is available on his site.

Sverre Stein Nielsen and Lars Erik are students in Denmark doing research on remote management methods and issues. They have prepared two online surveys, one for managers and one for teleworkers, and are looking for people in both categories to complete the surveys.

Alan O'Connor at Henley Management College is working on an MBA dissertation on "implementing eWorking within consulting organisations. As well as the range issues which eWorking implementations bring, consultancy must also change the way in which they work with their clients. If managers are suspicious of eWorking because of the lack of visibility issue, then it is magnified when the consultant has to to produce work for an external client who is paying the bill."

Mirna Rabah is conducting research for her Master Degree in Business Management at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. The purpose of the research is to assess the Lebanese managers' and employees' awareness of and willingness to apply telework. She is interested in exchanging information pertaining to the study.

Dan Ryan is working on his doctoral dissertation involving how teleworking impacts individual's identity and how teleworkers negotiated their employment situation. He is asking individuals to complete a short survey and is giving away three $100 prizes to the first 200 participants. The survey can be found here.

Katja Waldeck at the University of Magdeburg in Germany is working on her Ph.D. dissertation on teleworking for the disabled She is interested in contacting people and organizations with insights and comments about the conditions under which telework can be suitable for the disabled, and who are interested in completing a questionnaire she has developed. Contact her for more details.

Ralph Westfall has completed a telework thesis at Claremont Graduate School, CA.
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