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A "rural telework" project is underway, run by the Washington State University Cooperative Extension Energy Program. It "will preserve the economic viability of rural communities by providing economic diversification and growth. The goal of this project is to strengthen and diversify the economy of rural communities through telework job creation." For more information contact Dee Christensen.

The "Center to Bridge the Digital Divide" is a program designed to encourage rural telework/telecommuting programs to help build rural communities by creating employment based on telecommunications.

Seattle Area Telecommuters is "a resource for telecommuters in the Puget Sound region and beyond. We are a completely free mailing list and web site promoting the discussion of the telecommuting experience. With these resources, we hope to reduce the isolation so commonly felt by telecommuters."

The Telework Collaborative is a five-state effort to develop various telecommuting resources. There is a wide variety of sample policies, case studies, cost-benefit analysis tools, and much more. Some of the materials are common to all five states but others are available only within one of the states' Web sites. The five states are Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and Texas.
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