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We have listed the resources for this country below. If we have specific resources listed for the individual states shown on the map, you can find those listings by simply moving your cursor over the map. When you see your cursor change to a pointing finger, that indicates we have individual listings - and you can just click on that state to go to that listing. Otherwise, the information available below applies to the country in general.
Federal Government
NewCommuter Choice is a business/government partnership. The Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative is "dramatically improving the way people get to and from work. EPA and DOT assist participating Commuter Choice ®Employers by offering technical assistance, public recognition and promotion, training, Web-based tools, and forums for information exchange."

The Dept. of Defense Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) is the centrally funded program in DoD to provide accommodations to people with disabilities, including assistance with computer and telecommunications needs as well as Worker's Compensation issues.

The Interagency Telework Site sponsored by the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is the main portal and resource for Federal government telework activities, with extensive resources for both public and private sector organizations.

US General Services Administration (GSA) - information on the nationwide "Workplace 20/20" program is available. The GSA site also has information on the agency's telework programs and support.

The Transportation Research Board conducts research related to transportation impacts of teleworking, and has a standing committee on Telecommunications and Travel Behavior. It maintains a mail-list for the use of persons in this field. For details on access, email Dr. Susan Handy at University of California/Davis.
Related Research/Researchers
This is by no means a total inventory of all telework-related research now underway in the U.S. However, it is a beginning sampler of some of the more important efforts.

Boston College's Center for Work & Family conducts research on many aspects of corporate work-family and work-life programs, including flexible work practices, and has numerous publications and research reports available.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Workplace Project.

Prof. Lance Reinsch at Georgetown University Business School has conducted a Telework Research Study.

The GreenSpace Project is exploring "collaborative virtual reality" applications for the workplace, at the Human Interface Technology lab of the University of Washington.

The Independent Forum for Intelligent Transportation Systems is a good central source for information in this field, with links to a number of related sites.

The Institute for the Future in Menlo Park, CA, conducts research and publishes in a variety of telecommuting-related fields.

The International Workplace Studies Program at Cornell University is a global research and publishing program on all aspects of alternative officing. Prof. Franklin Becker directs the program. Also, see Prof. Becker's "Mobility and the New Placemakers" article which is available to download.

The Media Lab at MIT conducts ground-breaking research in many technology fields, including some related to telecommuting, remote work, communications, and more.

Jack Nilles, who coined the word "telecommuting", heads JALA Associates which does telework research and consulting. Of particular interest are his cost-benefit models for home-based and center-based telecommuting. You may not agree with the exact items and figures he has included, but you can still use the models and insert your own numbers as needed.

Nomadic Research Labs is devoted to the pursuit of nomadness. It was created by Steven K. Roberts, who has been a technomad for the past 13 years - wandering 17,000 miles around the U.S. on various versions of a computerized recumbent bicycle known as BEHEMOTH. Find out more about Steve, his liberating lifestyle, and the new project, Microship.

The Telecommunications and Travel Research Program at the University of California/Davis is an excellent resource for a wide variety of transportation/telecommunication-related papers and research. It is also the most thorough source of information about California's Telecenters programs, and related reports.

Xerox PARC, (Palo Alto Research Center), performs pioneering research that covers a broad spectrum of research fields ranging from electronic materials and device research through computer-based systems and software, to research into work practices and technologies in use.
Disabled Worker Resources
Here is a list of information, individuals or organizations related to helping people with disabilities (re)join the workforce:

COMPUTERWORLD's site contains many articles on IT resources and solutions for the disabled. Use the search feature on the site to find relevant articles.

The CURE Network, a nonprofit organization, is trying to collect useful information on employment and telecommuting options for persons with disabilities. A few newsgroups have been started on the subject which you can find at this site.

Project Archimedes at Stanford University "seeks to promote equal access to information for individuals with disabilities by influencing the early design stages of tomorrow's computer-based technology."

The Visually Impaired Computer Users' Group provides information for people working with disabilities. You can also contact the following people who are doing research in the field of telework for the disabled: James Jarrett; Brad Hesse; Chris Bloor.

These research-related titles might be of interest to you:

Telecommuting: hearing before the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, second session, on H.R. 5082, July 29, 1992

Telecommuting: Modeling the Employer's and the Employee's Decision-Making Process
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