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The following listing of providers does not imply our endorsement of any of their products, services or other offerings. The listing is, rather, intended as an overview and sampling of private sector activity currently ongoing.

In addition to the 11 categories of products and services relating to telecommuting and teleworking, we also have telecommuting consultants and online resources that may be of help and interest to you.
AccessLine is a communications services provider that, among other things, provides one-number follow-me access for voice, fax and email messaging. (Note: you can find listings of similar services in the Remote Voice/Fax/Email Access section of this site.)

ADSL (or, more broadly, xDSL) is a broadband telecommunications service (which stands for Digital Subscriber Line) well suited to many residential uses. Developments are being announced almost continuously by the major local telephone operating companies and by the competitive local access carriers (CLECs). There are several information sources for DSL developments:
Broadband.com is a free service that helps users find and compare broadband and telecom services for home or business from over thirty providers.

BT (formerly known as British Telecom) offers information, guides, and resources for teleworkers and their employers at its Flexible Working site.

CableModemInfo provides general information about cable modems and DSL services.

ClearWorks is a Houston-based provider that bundles digital telephony, cable TV, local and long distance service, home networking, video rental on demand, and videoconferencing as a package of services for residential customers and builders.

Cognigen Networks offers a variety of dial-up, broadband and related services for US and Canadian customers.

NewComcast Teleworker is the commercial-grade cable modem offering from Comcast Cable.

DirecPC offers broadband satellite services for homes and businesses. The service currently uses the satellite link for downloads and a phone line for the return. Hughes Network Systems also offers DIRECWAY (tm), which is a two-way broadband satellite link.

Etherlinx is developing wireless broadband solutions intended as an alternative to cable modems and DSL lines.

Focal Communications is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) in Chicago, New York, and elsewhere. One of its services is Focal Virtual Office, which allows telecommuters to dial in to their corporate offices at lower costs.

Getspeed is a service provided by the consulting firm Pinkham Group; this service allows you to enter your Zip code, street address, and area code plus exchange (US only) and learn what broadband services are available in your area. The service offerings profiled include DSL, cable modems, and wireless. If one or more of the services are listed as available in your area, you are also given a hot link to the local provider.

InterCall is a service bureau providing a range of conference calling services. The company's site also includes a useful and practical "Meeting Coach" guide to planning and conducting conference calls.

Internet Call Manager from InfoInterActive is an "Internet call waiting solution" so you can take or otherwise handle incoming calls while your line is in use for a data connection.

ISDN general information is available from the National ISDN Council, which contains extensive resources about ISDN applications and issues, as well as links to other ISDN sites.

SaveCompetition.Com is an information clearinghouse and research source for the Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) marketplace, including news, regulatory information, company profiles, and more.

SBC Communications has developed an expanded Web site - including links to product and service information - to assist people in its territory who want to work at home.

Siemens Corp. offers the SiemensMobility.com site with information about the company’s various offerings for telework and mobile work.

Skycasters provides two-way satellite-based Internet access service available in most of the US, Canada and Mexico. "In addition to the basic Internet, the product can also be used to access a WAN via a secure VPN connection," the company says. The service is carried by Hughes Network Systems.

Starband Communications offers what it describes as "America's first consumer two-way, always-on, high-speed satellite Internet service." The service is said to be available virtually everywhere in the US.

Telco Exchange is described as the "national gateway for telecommunications services," and it offers information and ordering resources from all carriers and most high-speed access lines.

Time Warner Cable Business Class is the commercial-grade cable modem offering from Time Warner Cable.

Verizon’s Managed VPN solution is suitable for various remote work applications.

VoicePipe™ from ICG Communications is an IP-telephony enterprise solution with customizable bandwidth, Web-based call management, and more.

VSAT Systems offers mid-priced high-performance satellite internet and data solutions including internet and intranet access, satellite VPN, frame relay backup, voice, video and other solutions.

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