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For additional information on mobile resources, please check the Worldwide Mobile Access Directory on this site.The following listing of providers does not imply our endorsement of any of their products, services or other offerings. The listing is, rather, intended as an overview and sampling of private sector activity currently ongoing.

In addition to the 11 categories of products and services relating to telecommuting and teleworking, we also have telecommuting consultants and online resources that may be of help and interest to you.
Aptela from e-cerv is a web-based (but not VoIP) service that allows call routing, collaborating, and many other voice and fax features for mobile workers and telecommuters.

AT&T Wireless offers a number of services for enhanced wireless data access.

Blue Wave International's VOS platform is a web-enabled "virtual console" product directed at distributed work groups.

Call Sciences offers several services for one-number remote access and forwarding for voice, fax, e-mail and more.

DataBahn will be offering mobile T-1 connectivity via satellite for use in vehicles in the second half of 2004. Mobile workers who need T-1 speeds in their cars can have it for an estimated initial cost of $3995 plus ongoing usage charges.

Ericsson Enterprise offers a range of mobile solutions for telephony, wireless access, and more.

Ericsson's Mobile Office Solutions "wireless office system" is a PBX-based telephone system that functions as a cellular system within an office building. The same phones used by employees in the building can then be taken elsewhere to connect to the public cellular system outside.

iareaoffice is an "internet-area network" that allows distributed workers to collaborate from different locations as if they were working on the same network in the office.

I'm InTouch is a remote access and control service that "allows individuals to connect and interact with their home or office computer to access the information they need from anywhere, anytime using any computer or wireless device with an Internet connection."

IntelliFax provides services to allow mobile workers to send and receive faxes via e-mail over the Internet (and vice versa) from a laptop.

iPass provides corporate remote access, and "global Internet roaming" by allowing Internet service providers to offer individual dial-up subscribers local call access to the Internet from every major city in the world.

King Products provides "multi-media, Web & telephony-enabled public-access terminals" for airports, hotels, and other locations where mobile workers need Web access.

Laplink Software is a leading developer of remote access software that includes LapLink Professional, a remote control and file transfer solution for telecommuters and mobile professionals.

Linx Communications' Link Universal Number Service provides a single phone number for voice, message, and fax communications; incoming calls and messages will be routed automatically to three different numbers for mobile workers.

MCK Communications' Branch Office EXTender (tm) gives remote workers access to all the features of the corporate PBX from remote locations.

MailStart is a service that allows anyone to check their email from any Web browser. Key in your email address and password on the MailStart home page and it will give you access to your mailbox, as long as it isn't behind a corporate firewall. The basic access service is free and additional features are available at a monthly charge.

The Mobile PBX from bSmart Communications is a business telephone system hosted by bSmart that serves as a "virtual PBX" to direct callers to any phone number, including cell phones.

NewOfficeDigits provides "free broadband phone service for fax, voice and conferencing," including the ability to deliver faxes as PDF files to an email inbox.

ONE CALL provides a single access point for voice, fax and email to simplify remote communications.

Plethora Technologies offers a number of secure remote-access solutions.

Puma Unified Communications offers services to provide unified voice, fax, and e-mail messaging accessible with a single phone number.

Shoreline Communications offers the ShoreGear Teleworker solution, described as "a complete IP voice communications system that enables distributed teleworkers to leverage the existing DSL connection to their home for integrated voice communications with the enterprise."

StarVox provides IP telephony-based solutions for telecommuters and other mobile workers, allowing them to use all the features of their corporate phone systems from remote locations.

Tellme unites the Internet and telephone network underneath an elegant speech user interface to provide the world’s largest Voice Application Network.

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