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The following listing of providers does not imply our endorsement of any of their products, services or other offerings. The listing is, rather, intended as an overview and sampling of private sector activity currently ongoing.

In addition to the 11 categories of products and services relating to telecommuting and teleworking, we also have telecommuting consultants and online resources that may be of help and interest to you.
Database Systems Corp. provides remote agent call center solutions, including complete phone systems and CRM software.

GemaTech's "Remote Service Manager," described as a "virtual call center," is an ACD system designed especially for remote-work applications.

Ineto Services provides hosted call center services so remote agents can handle incoming customer calls or e-mails anywhere the agents have a phone and Internet access.

MCK Telecommunications offers its Extender system for remote voice and data connectivity for remote workers back to the central office, including off-site call center applications.

NORTEL’s Meridian product line includes a variety of remote-access solutions for voice and data.

Telecorp Products offers its "CentrEE AnyWhere Solution Suite" to support remote call-center managers.

Teloquent Communications Corp. has its Distributed Call Center(R) which uses the public switched network and client/server computing to route inbound calls for multi-site networks, virtual offices, and telecommuting.

Teltone Corp. offers the OfficeLink suite of products for remote voice connectivity for call-center agents and other telecommuters. One feature is OfficeLink Observe, which provides real-time call monitoring capabilities from virtually anywhere.

Witness Systems Inc. has software to help call center managers more effectively monitor the performance of call center agents, including those working remotely. The software captures both voice and data from the agents' sessions with callers.

VirtualPBX uses advanced database and call routing features to define virtual extensions attached to the VirtualPBX to route calls to workers wherever they are.

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