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The following listing of providers does not imply our endorsement of any of their products, services or other offerings. The listing is, rather, intended as an overview and sampling of private sector activity currently ongoing.

In addition to the 11 categories of products and services relating to telecommuting and teleworking, we also have telecommuting consultants and online resources that may be of help and interest to you.
Ambiente is a German company that has designed innovative furniture based on the concept of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). Their line includes desktop-based and meeting-room-based collaboration tools, including the "ConnecTable" - a desk with a pen-writeable display. When two tables are placed next to each other, the display surfaces become one large work area. This and other products are part of the firm's "Roomware" product line.

Box Office by Design sells ready-to-assemble furniture for the home office and other uses.

Brady Rooms, Inc. designs and manufactures a line of "home office alcoves" that are prefabricated and available to add on to existing homes to create a home-office area.

NewCedarshed Industries offers a do-it-yourself backyard office kit called "The Ultimate Backyard Office."

Computer Furniture Direct manufactures a varied line of solid wood home-office furniture. The company delivers the product to your home (in the continental US) and sets it up for you; the product can also be shipped to other locations.

CUZZI computer desks & carts are ready-to-assemble mobile ergonomic computer desks.

DeskSpaceAnyplace offers a portable, compact laptop desk and work area for mobile workers.

Discount Home Office Furniture offers chairs, desks, filing units and many other products for home office/small office use.

EOfficeDirect provides design services and sells/delivers furniture for small businesses and home offices.

E-comm developed and markets the "c-pod," a self-contained office unit with climate control, security features, and more.

Haworth Office Furniture sells a full range of office furnishings; their site also includes a facility resource center with articles on ergonomics issues, virtual office topics, and more.

Ekornes offers the Stressless recliner for home workers who want excellent back support while sitting in a recliner and working on their laptop.

Herman Miller Inc. provides a wide variety of furniture and related products, including the Herman Miller for the Home line. Their site also includes white papers and case studies about alternative office designs.

Hidden Grove Furniture produces a line of modular home office and home-entertainment system furniture that includes built-in exercise equipment as well.

Ikea offers a number of home-office furniture solutions - desks, chairs, storage, etc. - as well as tips on home-office lighting, ergonomics, and more.

Kidstation.com has a line of creative, colorful, and well-designed ergonomic furniture for children who are frequent computer users. If you have some young telecommuters at home - or if you're young at heart and short - you might want to look into this line of adjustable furniture.

KiloWatt is an "intensely immersive game controller that transforms video game play into muscle burning sport." The company has turned the hand-operated controller for game machines into an isometric exercise device so you can play games and burn calories at the same time - if you're looking for an in-home exercise break while telecommuting.

The Laptop Desk (tm) is a portable folding work surface for mobile laptop users. It provides a stable and comfortable work surface and ventilation under the laptop.

The LapTraveler® line from Interactive Products Corp. includes "in-vehicle mobile desks, mobile desk mounts and mounting solutions for laptops, personal digital assistants, global positioning systems, cell phones and printers."

Leda Desk markets a line of ready-to-assembly home-office furniture featuring ergonomic design and adjustable work and storage surfaces.

OFFI & Co. designs and markets a line of home-office furniture including desks, storage units, organizers, and more.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have blended office and gym to create a truly "mobile office" that attempts to overcome the problems of the typically sedentary office work style. Take a look and take a walk!

The Office is home-office furniture that is a "fully equipped, totally mobile, ergonomically correct, patented, professional business office appliance."

Office by Design has an online store offering small office/home office furniture, lighting, and related products.

Okamura Corporation has its PROFICE line of office furniture for team and collaborative work settings, as well as products for the small office/home office market. [Note: the Okamura Web site is published only partially in English at this time.]

Office Chairs on Sale specializes in ergonomically-designed office chairs in a wide range of styles and features.

The Plasma2 computer chair and workstation is an ergonomically-sound system well-suited for home use.

Poetic Technologies offers the AURA (tm) highly adjustable workstation described as "the perfect environment for high-tech professionals." It represents a marked departure from most office furniture designs.

Protocol Office Products offers Protoblocs, a set of three foam-rubber blocks - green, yellow and red - that can be placed on a desk or cubicle panel to signal whether or not the occupant is willing to be disturbed.

RTA Concepts offers modern home office furniture, including wood and tempered glass computer desks, ergonomic workstations, task chairs, and accessories.

Sentry Group provides a number of home-office storage solutions that are fire-, theft-, and flood-resistant.

SJ Design markets the Lapdog, described as "a simple and elegant solution to the problem of using a laptop computer on your lap" Lapdog is a padded carrying case for your computer that unfolds in seconds for use on your lap, on an airline tray, or onto any work surface.

SMED International designs and manufactures a highly original line of office furnishings, many of which are suited to alternative officing designs.

Steelcase is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of office furniture. The "Tools and Insights" section of the site contains a "Knowledge Library" with numerous reports and resources on various aspects of alternative officing, team collaboration, telecommuting and more.

Teknion offers a line of "furniture for the future of business", featuring flexibility for alternative officing settings.

TempleCo Ten Limited is a UK-based firm that provides stand-alone, purpose-built home offices for use by teleworkers who need or prefer to work at home but not in their own homes.

Woodform Manufacturing Ltd., based in Dublin, offers the "SOHO" line of manufactured stand-alone room units suitable for a separate home office in an outbuilding.

WorkSpaces Inc. offers a line of unique home-office furniture and accessories, including the "Cylinder Desk."

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