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As more people work at home, and add computers and other devices to their homes, the interest in home networking for work and/or personal purposes has exploded. Here is a representative list of companies providing products and services for in-home and other small-area networking. You will also find information about home networking in several entries in Articles and Reports, Associations, and Online Resources.

In addition to the 11 categories of products and services relating to telecommuting and teleworking, we also have telecommuting consultants and online resources that may be of help and interest to you.
Bluetooth announced the development of short-distance wireless internet access. The partners in the Bluetooth project include a number of computer industry major firms - IBM, Nokia, Intel, Ericsson, Toshiba, with others expected to join the consortium soon. This product could lead to so-called "TANs" or "tiny area networks" that would link computing devices in homes and small offices.

Farallon's HomeLINE (tm) solution lets you network Macs and PCs (and peripherals) over existing phone lines or with new cabling.

Diamond Multimedia's HomeFree is a wireless network solution that connects a laptop or desktop to another computing device at distances up to 100 feet. One application is to allow telecommuters more mobility within their homes or other remote work sites.

Intel's AnyPoint (tm) home network lets you connect PCs and other devices over existing phone lines and does not require any separate wiring.

Phonex Corp. manufactures products useful for people working at home, including a wireless phone jack, a wireless modem jack, and a product called Easy Hang-Up, an "accessory to your phone line, providing a convenient way to disconnect from annoying phone solicitors."

Proxim's Symphony is a wireless home networking solution.

Tut Systems offers its Expresso line of networking products that provide high-speed data connections over voice lines. This is not suited to individual homes, but is intended for multiple-dwelling units (e.g., apartment buildings, hotels) and may be suited for certain kinds of telecommuting centers. Tut's HomeRun networking product line is designed for in-home use.

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