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The following listing of providers does not imply our endorsement of any of their products, services or other offerings. The listing is, rather, intended as an overview and sampling of private sector activity currently ongoing.

You can also find information about Real Estate and Virtual Office-related products and services in the Real Estate/Virtual Office Tools section of this site.

In addition to the 11 categories of products and services relating to telecommuting and teleworking, we also have telecommuting consultants and online resources that may be of help and interest to you.
"The Anytime, Anywhere World" is a white paper available from the Mobile Business page on Nokia's U.S. site. Other mobile-work resources are located on that page also.

C3i Inc. provides a range of services to help implement sales force automation and related projects. Their site includes several papers on various aspects of remote work and sales force automation.

Novell’s ZENWorks allows companies to manage the entire lifecycle of desktops, laptops, servers and handheld devices.

CertifiedMail.com provides secure document and e-mail delivery over the Internet, and offers transparent encryption, proof of delivery, content verification and recipient authentication for each delivery.

DocSurfer is a Web-based filing system that allows access to electronic files and imaged documents from remote locations.

Hard@Work is a site that provides networking opportunities, tips on office politics, career management, etc. While not directly intended for telecommuters and remote workers, it is a good example of how a Web site can be designed to help remote workers share information and get support.

ICP is a systems integrator that offers a "Laptop Assurance Program" for companies with mobile workers. "Based on the "hot swap" service concept, this program provides guaranteed 24 hour turnaround, overnight shipment to any destination in the continental US, and pre-installed custom image and end-user personalization.

Intel's "unwired" mobility strategy, built around its CentrinoTM chip, is described and resources are available here.

Little Networks offers a file synchronization service for mobile and remote workers that duplicates critical data files such as presentations, financial spreadsheets, and other important documents to a secure on-line sync server.

MagicalDesk (tm) from Magically Inc. is described as a "personal virtual desktop" that uses the Internet to provide "instant access to mail, files and Internet bookmarks from any where, at any time" with any standard browser and Internet access. Mobile and remote users can use this service (available at a monthly fee) to get access to their files, e-mail, calendar, address book and other resources.

Mangomind is an Internet-based file sharing service that may be useful for mobile employees and teleworkers. It allows users to create a secure work space on the Internet where they can save, access and work on files remotely from anywhere.

Mobile Automation is described as a "mobile systems management solution" that handles tasks such as software distribution, configuration management and more for a remote work force.

NetHelp International provides technical support services for remote workers and others; these services are provided by phone, fax, or direct access to the firm's Web database.

NetOffice provides remote access to voice, email and fax messages from any computer, as well as calendar and file management and other features.

Netopia Inc. offers Netopia Virtual Office, a software application that allows Windows-based Internet/Intranet users to open a virtual office on the Web.

OfficeVox provides a variety of telecommunications services for mobile workers, including follow-me forwarding, multiple voice mail boxes, and more.

PNV.Net is a service offered primarily to long-haul truck drivers. It includes in-cab long distance, fax, e-mail, Internet access, wake-up calls, cable television and more. While truck drivers are not ordinarily considered among the telecommuter/teleworker population, their lives are becoming increasingly information-based. This company's service is a good example of how these services are being packaged and sold to mobile workers.

Roadnews.com is a site with information resources "for the computer-equipped traveler."

Scott eVest sells "technology enabled clothing" including a sport coat with more than a dozen pockets and hidden compartments to hold the mobile worker's cell phone, PDA, digital camera and much more. Just think: you can have all your electronic gear right at hand, and get an aerobic workout at the same time by lugging it all around.

Sequil Systems offers a cell phone booster designed to improve cell service reception in enclosed areas (such as homes) where cell coverage varies from room to room.

SourceGear is an Internet-based remote access tool for users of the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe version control system.

Sterling Commerce offers CONNECT: MANAGE for intranet-based distribution of software or information to remote workers.

SwapDrive is a free "Internet hard drive" with accessible storage space that can be reached by anyone with access to the Web. It could be used for mobile workers who need files while on the road, or to help a dispersed team collaborate on shared files or documents.

Veritas offers TeleBackup(tm) software that provides automated backup for mobile/remote workers. The backup process has several features of special benefit for organizations with remote staff.

Visto is a Web-based application that is described as providing "everything you need to manage your daily activities from the Web. It's a convenient and secure way to store and access your files, photos, email, calendar, address book, to do lists and more. You can store up to 15Mb of information in your Visto account."

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