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The following listing of providers does not imply our endorsement of any of their products, services or other offerings. The listing is, rather, intended as an overview and sampling of private sector activity currently ongoing. You can also find related products in the Real Estate/Virtual Office Tools section of this site.

In addition to the 11 categories of products and services relating to telecommuting and teleworking, we also have telecommuting consultants and online resources that may be of help and interest to you.
@Task provides web-native project management and team collaboration software "that increases organizational efficiency, individual accountability and managerial effectiveness."

3M TouchSystems offers a variety of whiteboard products for multi-site collaboration between a whiteboard and remote PCs.

"Make 'Em Laugh, Even From a Distance" is the title of a March 3, 2002 NEW YORK TIMES article about some innovative ways to make Web conferences more enjoyable and engaging - important considerations as web conferences become more common and, in some cases, longer. You can find the article in the "Free Downloads" section of this site.

AceProject is a Web-based project management and employee time tracking tool, available on a limited basis at no cost or on a per-use or licensed basis for full availability.

ActiveGroup is a service that allows you is a service that allows you to view (via streaming video over the Internet), and participate in, live focus groups at other locations. This technology could be used to allow remote workers to supervise or view real-time focus groups in various locations.

Acuity offers ichat software to help build online communities, conduct real-time chat sessions, and conduct "virtual events."

Affinity VideoNet is a booking service for video rooms worldwide, covering more than 800 sites in 58 countries.

The AliceStreet Conference Center is a PC-based client-server software solution that "handles all voice conferencing as well as video and slide sharing, so there is no need to use a separate audio conferencing bridge service - once you've bought the software, there are no further charges involved in holding a meeting in your own AliceStreet Conference Center."

Ambiente is a German company that has designed innovative furniture based on the concept of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). Their line includes desktop-based and meeting-room-based collaboration tools, including the "ConnecTable" - a desk with a pen-writeable display. When two tables are placed next to each other, the display surfaces become one large work area. This and other products are part of the firm's "Roomware" product line.

American eBusiness Solutions offers its EPMAC (eProject Management and Collaboration) tool for remote collaboration including file access, application sharing, messaging and much more.

Applied Computer Services offers software products that quantify the activities of remote users to assist in the management and allocation of these key resources. Customized data collection, reporting and other options are available.

ArtesiaTeams is a suite of Web-based applications for collaboration focused on the process of launching and managing brand and product campaigns.

AT&T offers a range of conferencing services.

Axista.com provides "intuitive Web-based project collaboration software ideal for distributed teams ... with access to team and personal task overviews, Gantt Charts, documents, meetings, events, directory and more."

Basecamp is a web-based project management tool.

Breeze from Macromedia is a tool for delivering presentations and training to distributed groups via web conferencing.

BrightSuite Enterprise knowledge management and collaboration software includes several applications bundled into a web portal, available for direct purchase or software rental.

Celoxis provides web-based software for project management, time sheets, workflow and collaboration.

CentraNow from Centra Software is described as "live, voice-enabled Internet collaboration." The company offers a free service for conferencing for up to four participants; the entire conference/collaboration session happens over the Internet including IP telephony instead of separate dial-up lines for the voice portion.

ChorusCall provides audio, video and web-based conferencing services.

Cogos Consulting offers Andromeda2001, a "virtual work space" for team collaboration and project management.

Communique Conferencing offers several web conferencing solutions to share presentations, documents, software applications or video live online. There is a helpful "Information Center" on the company's site with guides and tips for conferencing applications.

NewConsultant BIM is a web-based business information manager for professional service firms, offering document storage, retrieval and shared usage.

CYA Technologies offers the CYA Secure Collaboration Platform which is described as an application-sharing and collaboration tool specifically designed for protecting highly confidential information.

The Digital WallDisplay from 3M combines a dry-erase whiteboard with a computer projection screen for document or presentation displays, and software compatible with Microsoft's NetMeeting collaboration tool.

The DocXms Document X-change Management System is a web-based solution for secure document sharing and management by distributed work groups.

ECUTEL's Viatores communication software suite is described as "the first fully functional Mobile IP product developed and ready for commercial use," which offers "real-time two-way mobile multimedia data exchange."

Entry Corp. offers the TeamHeadquartersTM "browser based software solution for project management, help desk, and document management that unifies all of your work while helping you track IT issues."

Ericsson’s Instant Messaging service is an instant-messaging offering that is available on PCs, PDAs and cell phones.

eRoom from Documentum is software to help teams work together by collaborating over the Web to share files, track projects, and more.

NewFlex Run is an on-demand software service providing a "virtual team management solution."

Genesys is a conferencing-services provider that can arrange and host audio, video, and Web conferences around the world. The company's site also includes useful white papers on related conferencing topics.

GoToAssist from Citrix Systems is a remote-collaboration tool specifically designed for providing "help desk" support at a distance.

GoToMeeting provides reasonably-priced online meeting capability with a "do it yourself" administration feature that simplifies reservations and meeting operations.

Groove is "Internet communications software that allows people with shared interests to make direct connections for real-time interaction." It is an unusually robust solution designed for easy use among many dispersed workers.

GroupAware Solutions provides web and desktop based collaboration, coworking and virtual team applications for intranets or hosted over the internet with access from any location.

Group Systems provides workgroup collaboration software, with varying applications to help with strategic planning, voting, project management, etc. The company's site includes some useful white papers on virtual collaboration.

GroveSite provides "easy, affordable, hosted web collaboration for multi-enterprise and dispersed teams, with monthly subscription fees based on number of users."

HipBONE Software's Co-navigator(tm) is a free service for "surfing, shopping, and searching online together. Co-navigator allows two or more people to connect browsers and navigate the web together."

HorizonLive develops and markets software for Web-based collaboration and learning. The software is platform-independent, and scalable to up to 300 users.

iCohere, Inc. offers software & services to help distributed groups and organizations collaborate, share knowledge and create communities of practice.

Ike.com is a "an Internet-based Personal Assistant service offering workflow collaboration & document management software solutions. iKE's Personal Assistants work for you 24/7 automating your workflow, organizing digital files, sharing documents and files online, delivering materials, monitoring projects, and much more."

Infinite Conferencing is a phone and web conferencing company specializing in web conferences, phone conferences and webinars.

Infowit Creative Manager a web-based project management software solution that allows multiple users to communicate and collaborate on projects in real time.

InfoWorkSpace is Web-based software system that allows for collaboration using tools such as whiteboards, video, audio, text chat, text tool, presentations, etc.

InfoWorx(tm) is a value-added reseller of a number of collaboration tools for remote conferencing and distance learning applications.

InsightShare's "Connect" is a Web-based tool for real-time and asynchronous team collaboration, brainstorming, project management and more.

IntraLinks (tm) provides workgroup collaboration solutions with a special emphasis on security, for applications where confidentiality and document integrity are especially important.

Intercall provides a range of audio, video, and Web conferencing services on a service-bureau basis around the world.

Jtec provides enterprise application software for workgroup collaboration and other purposes.

Kinkos, known primarily for its photocopying and related business services, has videoconferencing services at more than 150 locations worldwide. It also offers Kinkonet, which lets you send a file by e-mail to any Kinkos store and have it printed at any other Kinkos - which is useful for distributing documents to multiple locations instead of carrying or shipping them.

Kubi Software offers its "Collaborative Email" product, described as "a new class of collaboration software that tightly couples the power of collaborative functionality with the familiarity and ease of use of Email."

Linktivity offers "WebDemoTM, a Web-based, real-time conferencing-and-collaboration software tool, and WebInteractiveTM, a real-time software application that gives support professionals an efficient way to manage and resolve online support and sales requirements for personal computers."

LinkUAll is a free Web-based tool that enables work groups to share files, coordinate calendars, participate in online chats, and more.

Livelinked is a Web-based collaboration tool that provides document management, groupware, and workflow management.

Lotus Development's QuickPlace is described as a "self-service Web tool for team collaboration ... [which] enables the creation of a team workspace on the Web. Teams use QuickPlace to share and organize ideas, content and tasks around any project or ad-hoc initiative."

Lotus Development Corp. continues to offer Lotus Notes, the first large-scale commercial groupware product. Also, Lotus offers QuickPlace and many other messaging and Web-based collaboration products.

MCI provides voice, data, and videoconferencing services and other collaboration tools. MCI's site also includes an "Insight and Innovation" section with articles and reports on telecom topics, some of which relate to mobile work and conferencing.

Microsoft's NetMeeting is a versatile feature in Windows that allows real-time collaboration in various forms.

Microsoft Live Meeting (formerly known as PlaceWare) is an interactive Web-based application that lets you deliver live presentations to remote employees anyplace in the world. The audience can see your Microsoft PowerPoint slides as well as any intranet or Internet Web pages you want to show them - including Web pages with animation, streaming audio and streaming video.

Mimio, described as "the world's first Digital Meeting Assistant" (tm) from Virtual Ink is a portable device that attaches to any whiteboard or flip chart and turns it into an electronic whiteboard. You then connect the Mimio to a computer and can do screen captures, e-mail what is written on the whiteboard to dispersed team members, etc.

MSHOW is an "interactive Webcasting service" that lets you make online interactive presentations, conduct real-time voting among participants, and more.

NewMy Professional Library is a "low-cost hosted collaborative web-based document management application for storing, easily finding and retrieving your professional documents."

Numerex provides a range of remote telecommunications services, including the PowerPlay™ IP-based videoconferencing solution.

NewOffice.com is described as "an integrated suite of fifteen applications that can be accessed from any Internet browser. It allows telecommuters a turnkey solution to collaborating and communicating with colleagues."

NewOpenScape offered by Siemens Corp. is described as a "presence-based, real time, multi-resource communications tool" for team and workgroup collaboration.

Open Text's "Livelink" is described as a collaboration and content management application that offers "virtual team collaboration, business process automation, enterprise group scheduling, document and image management, and information retrieval services."

Panasonic's PANAPASS lets you draw on a special whiteboard and then print what you've drawn or send it as a bitmap or tiff file to a remote computer so others not in the meeting room can see the image.

Parlano offers MindAlign (tm) for real-time collaboration and data communications among dispersed work groups.

Polycom provides a number of conferencing tools for audio, video, and Web applications.

Project.net offers online project collaboration that can be used for remote teams. Features include document management, threaded discussions, tracking databases, workflow, meeting management, and teleconferencing.

Project Activator from Business Propulsion Software is Web-based collaboration software allowing task management, collaboration, problem resolution and resource allocation.

Project Desk is a web-based project and task management tool that "helps to assign projects, track tasks, perform online discussions, share files, and create management reports for efficient web collaboration."

Project-Management-Software.org's site includes a comprehensive directory of collaboration and workgroup software.

Raindance has a variety of Web-based meeting and conferencing tools available.

RTCware offers its eMeeting product described as "the point of convergence for the key communication systems of Telephony, Videoconferencing, Instant Messaging and Data Collaboration."

ReviewManager is described as "an outsourced client-review tool, perfect for anyone who wants to show work over the web," and is offered as an alternative to sending and sharing files by e-mail attachments.

NewRHUB Communications manufactures a web conferencing device that is "simple, secure and affordable" and can be installed behind the corporate firewall.

"Robin Good's Official Guide to SOHO Web Conferencing and Live Presentation Tools" is a report to help individuals and employers identify the most cost-effective tools for their specific online collaboration purposes. Robin Good has also published a free "Web Conferencing Access Kit" which enables users to immediately access free trials of 16 selected, predominantly low-budget, Web conferencing systems.

Same-Page eStudio provides "software for project management, document management , online calendars and contact management that improves workflow and enhances communication between workgroups and clients."

SharePoint (tm) is an offering that is part of Microsoft's bCentral small business solutions package. It provides secure document sharing, project management, archiving, and other collaboration services.

SiteScape offers collaboration tools with application-specific modules (for proposal development, partner collaboration, and more).

SMART Technologies offers the SMART Board tm that can be used for remote collaboration.

Spiderphone.com is a Web-based audioconferencing service that allows up to sixty participants on a conference call with access via their browsers, and features not found in many traditional conferencing services.

Sprint offers a range of conferencing and collaboration services under its Sprint Collaborative Solutions brand.

Squish is a web-based collaborative problem/defect tracking system to "track bugs, manage quality assurance issues, follow defects, and organize client requests from any PC web browser."

TaskComplete enables teams to "organize and track project tasks using a web-based interface with integrated calendar, discussion and document management capabilities."

TeamBoard is an electronic white board that "captures notes and drawings electronically, communicates locally or via the Internet." Its "interactive projection screen turns your finger into a mouse."

TaskPortal is a "flexible online collaboration workspace that empowers you to manage all your projects, work tasks, requests and teams from a central location available anywhere, anytime."

TeamFlow (r) is software for producing a Web-accessible "team-based process flowchart for process mapping and continuous process improvement," and it can also serve as a project management tool.

TeamSmart is an integrated, web-based collaborative project, issue, task and workflow management tool for managing distributed project teams.

Tegrity Inc. sells a "Digital Flipchart" suited for multi-site collaboration, and also offers "white papers" on remote collaboration on its Web site.

Tele-Conferences.net offers "high quality low cost conferencing and teleconferencing services for corporate, association, and business meetings."

Teleportec has a video collaboration tool that "has been designed to enable a life-size image of a person to appear within a 3D environment. You can make eye contact with individuals, use props and hold true two-way conversations - communicating naturally with anyone or any group of people anywhere in the world, as you would if you were really there. After all 80% of communication is non-verbal. The only thing you can't do is shake hands."

TeleSuite Corp. provides videoconferencing facilities in many major US cities, using a "video mirror" for room-size, real-life-like conferencing in facilities located in hotels in major cities.

TelSpan, Inc. is a worldwide provider of audio TeleConferencing and WebConferencing products and services that support the virtual workplace.

Usability First provides a thorough library of groupware resources including reference sources, bibliographies, links, and more.

VCOMGS Telework Connect provides multi-party videoconferencing with voice, video, chat and document (data) conferencing.

Videoconferencing Directories - Several sites exist to list available videoconferencing rooms or sites that can be rented on as-needed basis. These include: Metropolitan Interactive Videoconference Network, Face-to-Face Communications, and SBC's directory site.

VIA3R from Viack Corp. is described as a highly secure team collaboration tool.

Virtual Talker (tm) from Virtual Universe delivers "full-duplex Internet teleconferencing for business, education, families, and friends ...The bandwidth requirements are minimal and it is also compatible with other universally recognized Web communication tools such as CuSeeMe(tm), Placeware(tm), Webex(tm) and NetMeeting(tm)."

WebAsyst is web-based groupware that can be customized by selecting only the features the users need.

Web Conferencing Central enables "personal meeting space on the Web" through its service for application sharing, presentations and collaboration.

WebEx is a free application-sharing and online meeting service that enables multiple users to collaborate over the Web in real time.

"Wikis" are special types of Web sites that make it easy for anyone to post material or edit existing material - without resorting to programming languages. These are being used in organizations to encourage and simplify information exchange and collaboration. Among the sites with relevant information and resources are Twiki™ and Wiki.org.

WorkQuick(tm) is a "24/7 real-time workplace collaboration system that is accessible worldwide from any Internet connection. Features include: Project/Task Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Group Scheduling, Time/Expense Management, E-mail, and Chat Room/Instant Messaging."

Work2gether(tm) from KM Technologies is "a secure, Web-based team collaboration application providing a suite of tools for small & large teams, employees, business partners and suppliers working across a dispersed environment."

WorkZone is "easy-to-use extranet or intranet software for sharing documents and comments with clients, colleagues or business partners. This hosted resource is designed specifically for the non-technical user and requires no additional hardware or software."

WorldStream offers Web-based collaboration tools that enable users to "deliver live or on-demand meetings, presentations, training, and other work-related "events" to the desktop."

Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions offers a webcasting service for interactive multimedia distribution for training and other applications.

Yedit is an information resource for web collaboration and other related collaborative content management software.

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