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This collection of journals and newsletters covers topics ranging from telecommuting and teleworking to alternative office environments, as well as some technology and international issues. You might also look at the Online Resources section of this site for links to Web-based newsletters and journals. If you know of any other journals or newsletters appropriate for this section, please contact us.
Call Center Management Review, industry journal of the Incoming Call Center Management industry.

Electronic House Online contains information about products, installation, publications, and other resources on the topic of home automation.

Flexibility is an online publication described as "the interactive forum on new ways of working," with coverage of telecommuting/telework and related topics.

"ITAC Telework News" is a free monthly e-newsletter from ITAC, the International Telework Association & Council. The goal of ITAC Telework News is to deliver fresh news and information about the telework scene and help spread the word about working remotely. You can sign up here, and also view archived issues from recent years.

Independent Contractor Report is a monthly newsletter on employment tax cases, rulings & other issues of importance to the business & government entities that use independent contractors. In addition, you can find other Independent Contractor information here.

Innovation Briefs is an excellent source of information and insights about transportation issues, including many related to transportation demand management (carpooling, HOV lanes, etc.).

InnoVisions Canada provides an excellent online newsletter about global telecommuting/telework news and developments.

Intranet Journal is an online newsletter that covers technologies and applications for intranet use.

"Net-Working" is a monthly print newsletter about "business without boundaries," covering a variety of topics about distributed work, conferencing techniques and technologies, and more.

Telecommuting Review, Gil Gordon Associates' monthly newsletter.
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