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This section lists additional telecommuting and telework-related resources by region and country. The countries that comprise the Eastern Europe region are: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia.

Mexico, Central America,
South America

Middle East
Asia/Pacific Rim
United States

If you know of additional activity in a particular region or country, please e-mail us so we can add it to this section.

How To Use This Map

We have listed the resources for this region below. If we have specific resources listed for the individual countries shown on the map, you can find those listings by simply moving your cursor over the map. When you see your cursor change to a pointing finger, that indicates we have individual listings - and you can just click on that country to go to that listing. Otherwise, the information available below applies to the country in general.

Telework.at describes telework-related activities in Austria.

A research group in Novopolotsk, Belarus (former western part of Soviet Union) seeks to discuss telework issues - in Russian, German or English. Email Dr. Sergey Maltsev.

The Bulgarian Telework Association (BgTA) is a non-profit organization whose main objectives are to study, support and disseminate all forms of telework in Bulgaria in an independent way. This includes home-based teleworking, nomadic teleworking and off-shore teleworking in the sphere of information and consulting services. The Bulgarian Telework Association also operates as an interest group under the EC Telework Forum. Contact Vesela Koleva for more information on the association.

T.F. Burola, an American serving with the UN peacekeeping force in Croatia, seeks information on American and European telework activity.
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