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The following listing of providers does not imply our endorsement of any of their products, services or other offerings. The listing is, rather, intended as an overview and sampling of private sector activity currently ongoing.
We have provided information for the following categories: consultants providing services, products, and online resources.

Online Resources

These titles may be of interest to you:
The Complete Guide to Building and Outfitting an Office in Your Home

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The Home Office

Home Offices (For Your Home)
ARCCA, Inc. provides a very practical but structured approach to developing and implementing effective telework programs. ARCCA performs suitability assessments, develops implementation plans and documents, conducts training for managers and teleworkers, and conducts telework program evaluations.

Applied Knowledge Group provides a range of consulting and training services for employers with telecommuting and distributed teams.

Artemis Management Consultants combines expertise in change management with a unique approach to work-life harmony by helping organizations examine their cultural norms and redesign their work processes and work structures.

Jeff Berner provides consulting, research, and writing services for the telecommuting and SOHO markets.

Bridge the Distance, headed by Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, provides training, workshops, consulting, and other services for the virtual workplace.

Center for Designing Work Wisely is a research group whose mission is "Enhancing the performance of organizations and outcomes for employees through improvements in organizational design and work processes, and increased flexibility in the location and scheduling of work."

Disabled Workers - there are several sites available that list information on assistive devices and other resources for the disabled, including telecommuters. See James Jarrett listing for more info.

Emergent Online consults on mobile and remote-office connectivity solutions and products.

Fleming LTD is a California-based consulting firm with extensive experience in implementing many kinds of telecommuting/telework programs.

Futrend provides a range of telework implementation services including HR, technology and facilities consulting.

Gil Gordon Associates offers telecommuting/virtual office program planning, implementation, and training, as well as marketplace analysis and marketing strategy development for vendors.

Global Telematics is a Seattle-based firm that focuses on how the location and movement of employees and customers contribute to business performance, and on finding competitive advantage through optimizing usage of both telecommunications and travel resources.

Home Office Partnership is a UK-based consultancy specializing in telework and other new work practices.

Incoming Calls Management Institute (ICMI) is the leading researcher, publisher and provider of educational events for incoming call center managers worldwide.

InnoVisions Canada offers a range of telework, flexible work and evaluation consulting solutions to Canadian organizations. From the site you can also link to the Canadian Telework Association. Contact Bob Fortier.

The Future of Work maintains a site concerned with issues about the future of work and workplaces, and also provides consulting services in these areas.

Inteleworks is an Atlanta-based consulting firm that provides program planning, implementation, training, and other services.

JALA International provides comprehensive telework/telecommuting/virtual office program planning, development, evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, and forecasting services worldwide for both public and private sector organizations.

Kinetic Workplace Consulting Group helps companies "develop new workplace strategies by integrating the disciplines of Human Resources Training & Development, Information and Communication Technology and Corporate Real Estate/Facilities Management & Design."

Legato Consulting "designs and implements business strategies that help leaders, managers, work teams, and individuals achieve outstanding performance in the distributed workplace." Consulting helps organizations address strategic issues such as workplace productivity, recruitment, retention, and employee commitment by helping companies create a more responsive and functional working environment through assessing employee needs and by providing workplace flexibility information, guidelines and training.

Management Strategies Inc. provides consulting services and workshops for companies managing virtual (geographically distributed) teams.

Millennium Workplace Initiatives consults on telework strategies for South Africa employers.

MITE (the Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education) offers implementation consulting, seminars, and materials, including a telecommuting implementation manual and a model telecommuting agreement.

Netifice Communications provides comprehensive telecommuting implementation services, including assessment, planning, training, and technical support.

New Millennium Workplace, Inc. is a specialized consulting firm focused on helping clients resolve workspace challenges related to implementing a telecommuting environment. It provides employee training and change management services as well as strategic space planning to manage the cost savings opportunity resulting from a telecommuting program.

Joanne H. Pratt Associates is a telework consulting, publishing and research firm. Pratt's site features tips on teleworking, lists of publications, and many other resources.

Rainmaker Thinking is a "a research, training and consulting firm focused on the working lives of those born after 1963." In addition to consulting services, the company provides various training programs to help employers manage "Gen X" workers.

Regulus Consulting is a "telework service and resource provider," offering consulting, training, and remote-staffing solutions.

Rupert and Company are "advisors on the diverse and flexible workforce," offering consulting services and online training tools.

TManage Inc. provides "turnkey telecommuting solutions and services with ongoing support and maintenance."

Telecommuting Advantage Group offers a comprehensive set of proprietary assessment, training and implementation tools.

Telecommuting Inc. is a "full service provider that facilitates the implementation of telecommuting and other alternative workplace strategies" through training and consulting services.

TelEffective provides technology assessment and selection, training, and other services for employers with telecommuting/mobile work programs.

Telework Development Group (Ron Goodenow) offers a range of telework-related consulting services.

White Rabbit Virtual Inc. offers a comprehensive, interactive training course for telecommuters and their managers. The Virtual Skills Workshop(tm) prepares teleworkers for success and teaches them how to maximize their personal productivity.

Work Virtual is a consulting firm that provides "tools and training for the alternative office."

Workplace Forum is a research and learning association studying global best practice in the design and management of the workplace. WF On-Line gives world-wide access to databases of case studies, articles and opinion papers, research bulletins, reviews of recent publications and conference guides plus guidance and electronic links to other relevant information sources.

Zeus Teleworking provides training and consulting services for telework implementation, plus useful resources at its site which is in Greek and English.
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