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This section lists additional telecommuting and telework-related resources by region and country. The countries that comprise the Central Europe region are: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Mexico, Central America,
South America

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If you know of additional activity in a particular region or country, please e-mail us so we can add it to this section.

How To Use This Map

We have listed the resources for this region below. If we have specific resources listed for the individual countries shown on the map, you can find those listings by simply moving your cursor over the map. When you see your cursor change to a pointing finger, that indicates we have individual listings - and you can just click on that country to go to that listing. Otherwise, the information available below applies to the country in general.

Quentin Gregoire is doing research on telecommuting/telework in Belgium, and has set up a "teletravail" site in English and French.

Belgian Telework Association provides information about telework activities and resources in Belgium.

CATRAL is an agency in the Ile de France region whose goal is to "define, promote and implement a regional policy concerning time management." It is working on a variety of telework, neighborhood office, and transportation-related projects.

Empirica is a consulting and research firm that has extensive European experience in the telework field, including various publications and research reports. Its site (in German) also includes a thorough list of telework links for Europe and elsewhere.

The "Forum fuer Telekooperation", or "Council for Telecooperation" was formed at the Technical University of Munich. The purpose of the forum is to focus research and discussion on the broad field of "telecooperation" which includes many forms of electronic interchanges for various purposes. This site is in German only.

Bernd Hendricks is writing on German telework.

JobConnect is a company promoting telework and other forms of distance work in Germany.

TA-Telearbeit is a consulting and research firm in Germany that is doing extensive studies about European telecenters, and is working to establish a European telecenter network. They provide a description of the project and an invitation to join in their research.

The Telework Competence Center is an information clearinghouse for telework resources in Germany; the site is published in German only. Take a look at some photos of Gil Gordon on a recent visit to Stuttgart, Germany to speak at a conference there. One morning was spent walking around the city with Thomas Tuttenuj, who created the site.

Amsterdam attorney Victor de Pous has prepared an article (in English) on "Electronic Mail in Legal Perspective."

The Dutch Computer Society telework site lists links and resources available about telework in the Netherlands.

Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management Telework Manual is available (in English) in the Library of Compuserve's Telework Europa Forum (Filename TWMANU). For information on other material available in Dutch and English, contact Hans de Jong or Tjeerd Deinum at the Ministry.

The Telewerk Forum, a Dutch language site, provides a good overview of the status of telework in the Netherlands, as well as many useful resources and links.

Teleworking in the Benelux Countries is described, in Dutch, on this site.

WI.SO is an economics and social research consultancy under the direction of Dr. Rolf Schoch, who has conducted EU-sponsored telework research.
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