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canada map
Note: Map not drawn to scale.

This section lists additional telecommuting and telework-related resources by region and country. The listings below are for Canada.

Mexico, Central America,
South America

Middle East
Asia/Pacific Rim
United States

If you know of additional activity in a particular region or country, please e-mail us so we can add it to this section.

How To Use This Map

We have listed the resources for this country below. If we have specific resources listed for the individual provinces shown on the map, you can find those listings by simply moving your cursor over the map. When you see your cursor change to a pointing finger, that indicates we have individual listings - and you can just click on that province to go to that listing. Otherwise, the information available below applies to the country in general.
ACOA Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency - Implementing knowledge-based economic development programs in Eastern Canada. In French and English.

Bell Canada has a site which includes many telecommuting references and resources.

The Canadian government's guide for its "Telework Pilot Program in the Public Service" is available in English and French .

Canadian Telework Association site provides extensive resources for those interested in the Canadian telework scene. In addition, the association collaborates with the Canadian Advanced Technology Association to provide a job board dedicated to telework in Canada. It is an automated on-line job matching service to facilitate the matching of high tech and related workers all over the world with Canadian employers who wish to engage them.

The Canadian Telework Registry was created with financial support by the Government of Canada's Learning and Innovation Seed Fund through a grant to our department. The website includes valuable information for people starting telework programs. There are also two web applications of particular use.

Concord Pacific Place, is described as North America's largest master-planned community and also Canada's first fibre optic community with home-automation capabilities and other features to help enable working at home.

Dept. of Public Works and Government Services has adopted a pilot "hoteling" program. Contact Ms. Fiona Potter for details.

InnoVisions Canada offers a range of telework, flexible work and evaluation consulting solutions to Canadian organizations. From the site you can also link to the Canadian Telework Association. Contact Bob Fortier.

KLR Consulting (Ken Robertson) provides telework, alternative officing & project management consulting.

The Rural and Small Town Programme (RSTP) "prepares people and organizations to adapt to change and to act on opportunities for developing sustainable rural communities and small towns," including telecommunications-based economic-development activities.

Linda Russell's firm, Telecommuting Consultants International, offers strategic planning, implementation, training and monitoring consulting services to Canadian companies, from a Toronto base.

Adam Snow completed his Master's thesis, entitled "An Auto-Mated Existence? Implications of Telecommuting in Canada's Technology Triangle" at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. This work focused on the transportation-oriented aspects of telecommuting. Adam encourages anyone who is undertaking telecommuting research, or who is simply interested in the subject, to refer to his site or contact him.

Christopher Sullivan and his team of researchers in the architecture school at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg are conducting a research project dealing with telework management. The program is partly funded by the International Facility Management Association. Check out the questionnaire on their WWW site.

Telecommunities Canada promotes the development of "community-based telecommunications, electronic information services, and networking."

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