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The main listing of telecommuting/telework books is at the Amazon.com book list on this site; please look at that list. This section contains books not available through Amazon.com; you need to contact the publisher or author directly to order them.

You'll find everything you need for your telecommuting needs at the Amazon.com suggested reading list.
Aegis Publishing Group has books on telecommuting and telecommunications topics.

Andrew Bibby, Teleworking: Thirteen Journeys to the Future of Work, a book on the UK and Irish teleworking experience. Mr Bibby's related writings are also on the WWW.

Paul and Sarah Edwards have assembled a list of books related to self-employment and working at home, including some with references to telecommuting.

"Geographically Dispersed Teams: An Annotated Bibliography" summarizes recent literature on dispersed teams and how they are formed and managed.

German writer Bernd Herndricks has written Mein Buero ist zu Hause, (My Office is at Home). The publisher is Sparkassen-Verlag, Stuttgart.

InteleWorks developed "RemoteControl System Pro," described as a "comprehensive manual for implementing a telework program without a consultant." In addition to being a very thorough and comprehensive guide, buyers can receive (in digital form) all forms, surveys, tools, checklists and other key documents that are included in the manual. These can then be customized as needed for internal use.

THE IRS HANDBOOK ON FLEXIBLE WORKING: LAW AND PRACTICE edited by UK flexibility expert Louis Wustemann is a comprehensive guide to flexibility issues and implementation. (Note: IRS is a UK publisher, not the Internal Revenue Service of the US government.)

THE LAW OF TELECOMMUTING by Nicole Belson Goluboff (published in 2001, with a 2004 supplement) is available from the American Law Institute - American Bar Association.

"Making Telework a Reality: A method for introducing a new way of working into an organisation" by Diana Limburg is available from the publisher.

Manfred Lucas's German-language book Telearbeit, (translated: Telework: Strategies for the Future of Your Company) is a guide for managers and employees to help them plan for the use of telework in tomorrow's organizations. It can be ordered by email from the publisher.

MindManuals publishes and sells a downloadable "Teleworking for Organizations" manual, described as "a set of documents and resources for planning the implementation of Teleworking in your organization ... Written jointly for prospective Teleworkers, their managers and their executives."

"Moving Towards the Virtual Workplace: Managerial and Societal Perspectives on Telework" by Viviane Illegems and Alain Verbeke was published in 2003 and is available from the publisher Marston Books.

Joanne Pratt has published a telecommuting workbook entitled: Telecommuting: Checking Into It.

Ed Risse of Synergy Planning Inc. has written and published THE SHAPE OF THE FUTURE , an exceptionally well-researched and well-conceived book that tackles the complex issues of human settlement patterns and their effects on how and where we live, work, and relax.

SAFE @ HOME is Jeff Zbar's excellent book about home office safety - packed with great tips for everyone who works at home.

The TELEWORKING HANDBOOK is one the most comprehensive books on teleworking available. With extensive reference sections, the book is an essential reference guide which covers individual concerns and issues, company programs and telecottages and telecenters. It is produced by the UK telework association TCA.

"Teleworking and Globalisation: Towards a methodology for mapping and measuring the emerging global division of labour in the information economy" is a book published in June 1999 by the UK Institute for Employment Studies. One of the authors is long-time telework researcher Ursula Huws, who describes the book as "a first exploratory attempt to map the new international division of labour which is emerging in telemediated information-processing work. As well as trying to explain and model national differences in the take-up of teleworking, this book also draws on a cluster analysis of over 50 indicators for 206 countries to identify likely locations for particular kinds of delocalised activities, including data entry, software development and call centres." This book and others on telework are available from the publisher.

"Training Telecommuters" is the title of a 16-page booklet published by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). It provides a concise overview of the steps for planning and implementing a telecommuting program. It is available from the ASTD online store by searching the "Info Line" section for the keyword "telecommuting."

"Working Anywhere: Exploring telework for individuals and organisations" is a guide published by the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK. You can search for this item on the DTI Publications page.
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