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Judging by the number of visitors we get to this section of the site, the number of people who want to telecommute is exploding. That's not surprising - if you can have a good job and earn good money while working in the comfort of your home, it would seem to be the perfect solution.
Well, it turns out it's not quite perfect. Working at home even a few days a week can be your best dream or your worst nightmare. I've seen telecommuters whose lives have literally been changed simply by being able to work at home a day or two a week - and I've seen others who tried it and ended it as soon as they could.
As you'll see by pursuing some of the resources in this section, we provide some guidance about being selective and careful when it comes to considering telecommuting. You need to decide if it really makes sense for you - for example, making sure that you have the self-motivation, self-discipline, and moderate level of social needs to work at home.
In addition, I urge you to be extremely careful when following up on announcements of jobs offers for telecommuters. As noted in the site, the vast majority of companies that legitimately employ telecommuters select them from their own employees. Companies that hire telecommuters from the outside often (but not always) do so with low pay, few or no benefits, and otherwise take advantage of the strong desire to work at home. The best advice is to investigate carefully, check references, and remember the old saying that "anything that sounds too good to be true probably is". Also, you might like to read the excellent article titled "Developing Your Work-at-Home Scam Radar" on the site.

You might want to look at the European Telework Online which now includes an annotated listing of some of the sites offering employment or contract work for people who want to work from home. The ETO site also includes a similar listing of so-called "get paid to Web-surf" sites. As with all other sites listing, or commenting on listings, of home-based work, you should carefully evaluate all offers before joining, investing, or accepting their terms.

If I can help you sort this out, please contact me - but please remember that I can't help you find a specific job opening - nor can I do anything with your resume so please don't send it. My consulting work is with employers and vendors, not individuals; all of the information and assistance I have available for individuals is listed in this DO YOU WANT TO TELECOMMUTE section of the site.

Some of the other sections of this site that have related information and resources about the basics of telecommuting are:

Here are several other resources for you to consider:

Aardvarks Home Workers Association lists various work at home resources and opportunities, as well as a section where employers can post job openings. (formerly The Mining Company) has a Telecommuting section that is a good overall resource about work-at-home activities. In particular, the site guide Catherine Roseberry has included two articles with good information and warnings about work-at-home ripoffs and bad deals. They are titled "Don't Be Scammed!" and "Questionable Opportunities".

AlbertaRose Home Business Opportunities lists a variety of work-at-home business opportunities and links.

All Freelance provides a listing of freelance and independent contractor opportunities.

Alpine Access is "a unique outsourcing provider of professional customer care and customer relationship management services. Corporations hire us to help them handle all customer contact with their consumers via telephone, e-mail, or the web." The agents who handle this work are employees hired to work from their homes. For details see the online application button on the site.

American Health Information Management Association makes available a comprehensive telecommuting "practice brief" including a sample outline for a telecommuting program proposal and much more. is a job search site "that matches businesses seeking creative help with professionals seeking freelance creative jobs from web design and graphic art to writing, editing, photography, publishing, advertising, and broadcasting."

You might find the monthly magazine BUSINESS@HOME valuable. Visit their Web site or contact the editor, John Knowlton. "features job opportunities from employers who offer family-friendly, flexible work policies, and more."

ClickNWork lists telework job opportunities in a variety of fields.

CNNfn's site includes a good article titled "Telecommuting: the pitch - Getting the green light to work from home is easier if you're prepared." It includes many useful tips about how to approach your manager with a telecommuting proposal and plan.

The Entrepreneurial Parent is a resource for parents looking for work-at-home information and tips. provides resources on various employment and freelance options and opportunities for women.

The April 1998 issue of FAST COMPANY magazine includes an article titled "Money Isn't Everything," with "five new rules to help you get the things that matter more than money." This article might be useful if you are trying to negotiate for a more flexible work arrangement - telecommuting or otherwise.

Free Agent Nation is "the research center, information hub, and gathering place for people working on their own" created by FAST COMPANY contributing editor Dan Pink. The site does not contain any job listings, but includes information and insights about the trend toward various forms of self-employment, or "free agency." is a resource for female entrepreneurs, including job leads and freelancing advice. sells profiles and start-up tips for what are described as the 75 best home-based and small businesses. Profiles are purchased and delivered online and include information on start-up requirements, necessary skills, marketing tips, and more. The profiles are for self-employment opportunities only, not for salaried telecommuting jobs.

GP Master Freelance Links portal includes links to a wide variety of freelance and contract employment positions.

HireAbility is a free service that links people who want to work independently with employers who outsource work. Some of the work listed may be suitable for telecommuting. Also, the site contains background resources about telecommuting history and trends.

Home Based Careers has "researched specific resources that you can use to locate companies that are open to people working from home, and what types of positions may be available."

Home-Based Working Moms (tm) is "a national association of parents who work at home and those who would like to. HBWM provides its members with support, networking, information, a monthly (print) newsletter, email discussion list, panel of experts, member's showcase on the web, publicity opportunities, and more." The organization does not provide any listings of telecommuting job openings.

Home Jobs Online provides information on various work-at-home employment and business opportunities and related topics. is a UK-based site described as "THE place to help YOU build a life working at home." is a free web resource "for employers having telecommute and contract jobs and workers looking for telecommute and contract projects."

InnoVisions Canada, a telework consultancy, maintains a comprehensive list of job resources on its site, including the Telework Job Bank. While some overlaps with entries on this page, it is still a very useful listing.

The International Homeworkers Association describes its mission as "Helping People Prosper in the Home Workplace". In addition, there is a "Work From Home Jobs Digest" available.

The Jobs for Programmers site lists programmer job openings, and lets you indicate on your search that you are only interested in telecommuting work.

Ken Kowalsky has written a 25-page manual called "How To Get A Job Where You Can Work From Home." See his web site for details.

Telecommuting author and researcher June Langhoff's web site offers some useful tips for people who want to telecommute, as well as information on her resources and others.

Making Money In Cyberspace (Paul & Sarah Edwards / Paperback / Published 1998)

Rosalind Mays has written "The Real Deal to Telecommuting", which is a very extensive and inexpensive guide to all work-at-home options, plus great advice for steering clear of scams and ripoffs.

MediTec offers training packages for at-home medical records transcription; their site includes an interesting comparison chart of several such training programs.

M.O.M. is "looking to partner with moms who are exactly like us! We're a group of Mothers On a Mission...single moms, stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms and working outside the home moms .....who all want the same thing......To be able to BE AT HOME without having to work outside the home." is "the first and largest national organization providing ideas, inspiration and support for mothers who choose to work at home." is a resource for people who want to work from home, "to help you connect with your virtual career."

Money From Home is a membership-based service that identifies work-at-home employment and project-based employment and opportunities.

National HealthCare Discount offers work at home positions.

Paladin Staffing Services is an agency that places people into temporary or project-based work in the advertising and marketing field. Some of the positions they list may be suitable for work at home, as long as the person can at least attend an initial interview at the client company site.

PortaJobs is described as a job search site dedicated to telework positions, and "a place for progressive employers and high-demand workers to connect." (tm) is described as a list of "Member Sites offering business opportunities which have been certified, by the owner, as 'scam free'." Many of these are work-at-home jobs or self-employment opportunities. [Note from Gil Gordon: While this ScamFree site seems to have been more careful than many about screening the listings, I urge you to be as careful when pursuing these listings as you would with any other site.]

SmartEric is a London-based site that "supports self employed professionals and celebrates the freelance lifestyle."

The "Telecommuting Resource Site" contains tips, links, and useful advice about finding work at home positions and opportunities.

You might want to get some information about the monthly publication TELECOMMUTER'S DIGEST, which is a subscription newsletter that lists job openings that offer the telecommuting option.

Joanne Pratt has written the book TELECOMMUTING - Checking Into It which includes, among other content, an outline for writing a business plan for becoming a teleworker/telecommuter. Contact Joanne H. Pratt Associates for ordering details.

Telework 101 "features interviews with people who make a living while working from home." The site's creator notes that "My aim with this site is to introduce self-employed homeworkers and to showcase that it is possible to earn a living and make a rewarding freelance career from the comfort of your home."

TeleworkWhere is described as an international site that compiles telework opportunities from all over the Internet, and a discussion forum about opportunities that you can find on line.

Teleworking Germany is a contact site (in German and English) for people who are looking for teleworking jobs and for companies which are offering teleworking jobs worldwide.

Tjobs lists job openings and other resources for people who want to work at home. This site also includes the InSiteOffice feature, described as a way to help people who want to work from home allow their clients/managers to more easily manage the work and know more about the worker.

"Virtual Assistants" are people who work (generally as freelancers or independent contractors) for distant clients and provide various kinds of support services. Several organizations exist to help train virtual assistants, help them find clients, and provide membership services such as insurance and more. These include Assist U, the International Virtual Assistants Association, Staffcentrix, Specialist Virtual Assistant Club, Virtual,Virtual Assistants Network, Virtual Assistance U, and Virtual Concepts International. is the "online magazine for work-at-home Moms" and it includes sections on finding various telecommuting and self-employment work options and related tips and resources.

Womans Work is a resource and information clearinghouse about all forms of flexible work. describes itself as "Telecommuting in the Real World" (tm) and lists telecommuting jobs for those seeking them and offers posting for job openings from employers.

Work at Home and Love It provides information and resources for people who want to work at home as employees or self-employed.

WorkatHomes.Ocatch says it will help people find work-at-home jobs, and claims to have carefully screened the companies listed.

Work At Home is described as a resource for various aspects of working at home, either self-employed or otherwise.

Work at Home Index is "an edited directory of legitimate home businesses. Every home business is investigated for legitimacy prior to being added to the index."

Work-at-Home Job Solutions lists information about work-at-home work and job opportunities.

Work at Home Office provides background material and useful links on various options for working from home.

Work Options.Com includes advice on how to develop an individual proposal to telecommute, and get your boss to approve it, as well as extensive information on other forms of flexible work arrangements.

Consider the books, WORKING FROM HOME (4th edition), MAKING MONEY IN CYBERSPACE, and several others by Paul and Sarah Edwards. THE TELECOMMUTER'S HANDBOOK by Debra and Brad Schepp, and THE ONE-MINUTE COMMUTER by Lis Fleming are other resources to look at. The first three books should be available in your local library or bookstore; THE ONE-MINUTE COMMUTER can be ordered by contacting Dave Fleming. Also, visit his Web site for details on this book and other telecommuting resources.

Working Solo is described as "the Internet site specifically designed for independent entrepreneurs." While most of the information on the site is about starting and running an entrepreneurial/small business, some of the resources and links might be of interest to corporate telecommuters and other mobile workers.

NewWorldwide Work at Home "offers many free resources for anyone seeking work at home employment. Find the companies that often hire homeworkers as well as current telecommuting job listings, articles, and more."

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