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Here are recent examples of how Gil Gordon works with clients on their telecommuting needs:
For a Midwest health-care products company, he designed a telecommuting program for an inbound call center to accommodate rapid staffing growth. Telephone representatives handling calls from customers will answer calls at home after being fully trained in the office - allowing the company to build up its staff to meet anticipated consumer demand, without having to invest in additional office space. For this client (as for many others), he conducted training for the telecommuters and their managers.
For a large southern bank, he helped develop a plan for piloting telecommuting in several departments and locations, in response to anticipated office space shortages and staffing needs. Most of his work has been done via telephone and conference call, which keeps expenses lower and provides ongoing support to the client.
For an East Coast pharmaceutical company, he has advised senior executives on a range of telecommuting and alternative-officing strategies to help cope with growth in the R&D staff. A blend of home-based telecommuting, mobile work for field investigators, and shared office space at corporate headquarters is being planned to stretch available office space as well as help recruit and retain top-quality employees.
For several vendors, he has helped profile the customer base for telecommuting-related products and services. His work for vendors also includes advice on product and service features, marketing strategies, and training for field sales representatives who need to quickly identify and qualify potential customers.
These and many other companies have put Gil Gordon's twenty years of experience to work for them to find the best way to implement telecommuting and the virtual office quickly, sensibly, and with the bottom line in mind.

The ongoing joke about Gil Gordon's consulting is that if he's such a telecommuting expert, why is he always driving to the airport to fly somewhere? The need for business travel will never go away completely, but there's an alternative for clients who need Gil's expertise more than his presence.
The "Telecommuting Assistance Plan" is a simple retainer arrangement that gives you access to just about anything he can do for you via phone, fax, or e-mail. On-site visits are always available, but in many case clients need to ask questions, have policy drafts reviewed, find out what other companies have done, and so on. That's where the value of this flexible retainer arrangement comes in: clients get the answers they need now, without incurring the time and expense of arranging for on-site visits. (After all, if Gil Gordon can't find a way to "work at a distance," who can?)

If you'd like to discuss your possible consulting needs with Gil, please contact him.
Telecommuting Tune-Up

Whether you're six months or six years into your telecommuting program, it's likely that there are some areas where you're just not certain that everything is going as well as it might. Or, you may be at the point where you've had good experience to date and are now ready to move up to the next level of implementation - but before doing so, you want to be sure you haven't overlooked any important points.

Why not bring Gil Gordon in for a one-day program "tune-up"? His twenty years of experience across dozens of public- and private-sector employers gives him the background and perspective to quickly spot potential problems, and to give you the answers you need so you'll be more confident about future success.

Nothing could be simpler: this is a one-day on-site vis it during which Gil will review the relevant policies and procedures, meet with your planning or program administration team, and give you his on-the-spot feedback and suggestions for what you need to do. No long analysis, no dragged-out interviews or data collection, and no ongoing commitment on your part - just a highly productive one-day work session with one of the world's true telecommuting program experts.

If you're interested, contact Gil to discuss the details.

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